bridge my Verizon modem mi424-wr

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bridge my Verizon modem mi424-wr

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hey guys I wanna connect my third party router. can someone help me with a step by step tutorial. I used to work for time warner so I'm really good with networking but fios is a lil different. can somebody please help! the modem I have is mi424-wr. thanks guys in advance for the help.

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Re: bridge my Verizon modem mi424-wr

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Couple of things:

1) it is a router not a modem.

2) Do you have TV service? It can be a bit more complicated to open all the ports required  to support stbs.

3) Do you want to do this to expand WiFi coverage?

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Re: bridge my Verizon modem mi424-wr

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Hello! I'll quote insturctions I've given previously.


As CRobGauth has said, do you have TV service? If you use the remote DVR option, using your own router messes this service up (and there is really no way around it, since the set top boxes use random ports.) But if you don't, feel free to proceed.


Firstly you need to determine how your router gets internet access. Look at your Verizon router and see if it has a Coax cable connecting to it, or an ethernet cable:


If you have only a coax cable and no ethernet, then you have to run an ethernet cable from your ONT Box (usually outside or in the basement). However, if your install was recent you should already have an ethernet cable run to it. 


If all that checks off, follow these directions:


You need to login to the Verizon router initially and change a few things before you plug in your router. Which router model do you have? Since its a newer install, I assume you have the G1100, but just to confirm, which router looks like yours:


Assuming its the one on the left, continue to follow these directions (The interfaces are different, but the steps are generally the same for both devices.)


Step 1: Log into the router at (username and password is on the router itself). Then navigate to My Network > Network Connections > Broadband Connection (Ethernet / Coax)


From here, click the "Release DHCP Lease" button. Doing this will allow your own router to get a new IP from Verizon and start working over Ethernet. This is what was holding you up when you were plugging in your own router.



Not required but highly suggested, turn off the WiFi of the Verizon router if you plan to be using your own router. You can disable wifi by navigating to Wireless > Basic Security Settings > Turning 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz to "Off"


Step 2: Plug in your Netgear router into the WAN Ethernet from the ONT. Give it a minute to get an IP, then check internet connectivity.


Step 3: In order to keep on demand and video guide service, plug your old Verizon router's white WAN port into the LAN port of your router. This allows your Verizon set top box's to still have a data connection.


You should be good to go!


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