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I just purchased a new router to replace the Quantum router that I am currently renting from Verizon.  My current fios gateway router settings list the connection type as "Ethernet/Coax".  The router has both a coax cable and an ethernet cable plugged into it. 

My question is: does this mean I am using a MoCA connection or ethernet?  Do i need to get customer support to change anything before releasing the DHCP license and plugging in the new router?

I tried to find this out by looking at my ONT, and the MoCA light is lit up (flashing constantly) and when I remove the coax cable from the router currently, I lose wi-fi connection.  However I thought I read if an ethernet cable was connected to the router, I would be fine.  So now I am unsure.  Please advise!  Thank you!

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You didn’t say if you are internet only, or have tv etc.

if your speeds are under a certain speed tier like 75/75 possibly 100/100 and you are connected via coaxial (MOCA) then you will first need to call Verizon and have them switch you to ethernet.


then if you have tv you will need both a MOCA adapter and a splitter. This will cost you around $50-$90 for the two items in addition to the cost of your router.


now if you keep the Verizon router it will be a $12 rental per month. However a new router can be placed in access point mode and use the Verizon router for dhcp and tv service for the guide and video on demand.



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