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connectivity problem

connectivity problem

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Ever since I had verizon fios tv added to internet and phone service, I am having connectivity problems with wireless PC connection.  It worked great before TV added.  Now I get a lot of "limited or no connectivity" showing up on my wireless  connection.  I have been on phone several times with verizon and have had settings checked, actiontec gateway reset and/or rebooted with no luck.  Sometimes I get a connection but mostly it doesn't work.  They are sending me a new router and hopefully that will be enough.  Anyone have any ideas why problem after tv added?  Someone I know metioned signal strengh into the house.  (My connection to gateway from PC is always very good to excellent)




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If you use other than Windows software to setup your wireless connection, make sure you use 64 bit vs. 128 bit when you enter your WEP key (from the router) - make sure you are setting this up manually. Don't know if this will help but it did for me.
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Thanks for the suggestion but I don't think that is it.  For a while after the verizon guy reset the gateway I was using 64bit, no difference.  I bought a laptop and that works great.  According to a verizon guy at fios solutions,  laptops are designed to work better with wireless.  In any case I would like to get my desktop to work on a regular basis.  Has anybody out there had an issue with signal strength, etc. pixelation?  Is verizon fios something that either works or it doesnt?  Right now it is working and I am using it to reply.  I am comparing other users in my vicinity and there are 4.  When it wasn't working there were 5.  I don't know yet if this means anything.



Silver Contributor V
Silver Contributor V
Device: Actiontec Rev I
Plan: FDV\75 down 75 up
Location: Floral Park, NY
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Run the Verizon Connection Wizard software.
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