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curious about why fios isnt availble

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curious about why fios isnt availble

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curious as to why fios isnt avialble at my address, but it is avilable not that far away from me.  less than a mile about a half mile all around me. and hasnt progressed in my little city at all since i moved here 5 years ago. its progressed in more suburb areas 5-15 miles away. i call the people at customer service who explain they dont really know other than "probably"  a failed approval or some **bleep**.


to clearify, i live in an aprtment, 3 floors about 30+ units total, 2 buildings.


i asked landlord and maintance if they been in contact with verizon.  they called, but they have tried and get same service i got. never been approached by verizon.  they want it here, its a selling point that has dragged out business on occassion as some people pick a place based on whats availble where they want to call home,,



i asked a few local businesses, under a half mile away. all have access to fios, not all have fios, but all can definatly sign up. resturant across the street has access to it, but a street seperates me and fios. they been there for over 2 years, all 2 years they had access to fios.


how can fios be so close, and year after year, tax dollar after tax dollar, not budge at all in this area? 


2 years, one streets seperating me from fios, same **bleep** from customer service. they state 6-12 months. i called back 3 months after, 6-12 months again.. i asked a neighbor thats been here since 07, she gave up, they told her 6-12 months every time for 2 years.  fios has been in my area as i stated for a good while, just not in this exact spot, it surrounds us however.  its aggrivating.  


my only options as of right now is Comcast or DSL(HSI) from verizon. not high speed at all, its 3.1mb/sec down and 750k/sec up. verizon has blocked other DSL providers and comcast has blocked other broadband(cable).  


my biggest issue is, i work alot more at home than i previously did. i cant deal with this. i dont have or use a home phone, not many people i know do either, mostly use cell phone and have a second number in an app or something.  


getting too expensive to pay for this crap service.. i wouldnt mind same price for fios connection, but for this connection, im loosing faith in holding out for fios and considering comcast.  

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Re: curious about why fios isnt availble

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Verizon has stated publicly that they are not looking to expand their footprint much at this point.

And if you are outside of the NE, they have announced thatthey will be selling all of those assets to Frontier.

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Re: curious about why fios isnt availble

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FYI, you're talking to customers here.  We know nothing more than what Verizon says publicly.


As noted, Verizon has announced multiple times over the last few years that FiOS expansion is done.  This means that if you live just across the line where FiOS service stops, you won't be getting it.  Verizon has drawn their lines, and that's it.


However, if you live within a FiOS served area, Verizon should be continuing to build out FiOS.  I've never seen them pre-announce service.  The typical way to know when it's being installed is to noticed the trucks.  Even then, it takes many, many months from the time the first truck is spotted to when service is available.


Apartment buildings add another wrinkle, as the building owner has to agree to grant Verizon access.  Some buildings have granted exclusive deals to cable companies which would prevent them from letting Verizon in.


It sounds like your building may be located just outside of a FiOS served area.  If properties next door or further away from the line have service, then it may be a case of building owner issues or FiOS build out not complete.  Otherwise you'll need to move to get FiOS.


Good Luck.


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Re: curious about why fios isnt availble

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Count your blessings

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Re: curious about why fios isnt availble

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i have no issues with where i live however. i live in a area that verizon technition said not selling off, i live in the north east. 

i spoken to a few guys on support number who seemed to really checked into this issue and stated to me that its local approval issue, landlord will be contacted once they get approval to dig on this side of the street and they said that they will call my cell number and email me moment they get approval from landlord to set up an appointment a few days before the rest.  i guess i been calling them enough times that they taken me seriously  to just keep me and make me happy


he stated they do not have an exact time range but he said that he can confirm they are wiring about three quaters  of a mile away, then it cross the oppisite street which does not have burried fios directly infront of me, they have fios from powerlines above ground they want to burry them.  i wnt out later, about an hour later and i saw a few verizon trucks and vans and 4 massive spools of orange fiber line, about  a half mile away but they probably started further back..


fingers crossed, he said if i see a them installing cables near my building on same property line than 1-3 months is target for my area,  time to flip the switch on and invite everyone.


to recap, i can confirm that my area and my state is a hell of a headache to get approval from for anything major.  my area and state iswell known for easily being brided also so wouldnt surprise me if local officals are pocketing money from other companies to keep verizon's pace slow.  i beleive them when they said its local approval issue.

right after the call with the last guy he said they are installing fios underground less than a mile away, and i drove out and found it less than a mile away being wired underground

my friend about 5 miles from me had vios come out wire entire neighborhood and in 2 months time they flipped the switch and contacted her to get fios. so everything the last guy has told me has made sense and has followed through with reality.


im just hoping and preying that they manage to get fios out here and into the ground before snowfalls, after its in the ground im sure snow wont make any delays to flipping the switch for here. im just very annoyed with all the extensive run around they given me and fact that my price plan was for 29.99 + taxes local and federal came to something like $34-ish now im paying $56-58 a month for 3.1mb/sec which real world speeds showing 340KB/sec for downloads from any server even speed apple and google servers. i sometimes hit a magic 400KB/sec real world speed. speed test always says im getting 2.86-3.01MB/sec download and 800kb/sec up which is seriously unacceptable in 2015, its acceptable if its cheap, but its same price as compitions 25mb/sec package at $56..thats not cool...

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