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fios email slow due to slow running script.

fios email slow due to slow running script.

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I usually enjoy fios' speed, but for the past month, my fios email page is REALLY slow - the only thing on the net that is!  IE9 - and 8 report that there is a slow-running script, and things go back to normal instantaneous speed when I tell it to stop the script - but it gets old doing that every time I leave and email and open a new one.  Looks to me like it's their stupid ads, tho everybody else's seem to be intantaneous, don't know what the issue is.  Running Win 7 Home Premium, IE9 (tho the problem started when I still had 8), dual-core 2.5 gig processors, 6 gig ram, 25/20 connection, software-wise EVERYTHING is up to date.  I don't go all over the place but my home page is the only problem I have observed.

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Its nothing on your end. Verizons web sites are always slow. To the extreme. Nothing you can do on your end to speed it up. Its on their end.


Just switch to using an email client. Something like Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Outlook, Thunderbird, Incredimail, ect. There are so many to choose from and most are free. Easy to set up, faster, dont have any of the timeout problems of the webmail, and are much more customizable than the web mail. And many like Thunderbird, come with the added benefit of an excellent spam filter. I think you find, that once you use an email client program, you'll never go back to web mail.


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Thanks, I'll try that!  Love your online name too.  I was just curious because I've had the fios email for a couple years, and it was never slow before this year.

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The issue with Verizon's websites is really with the heavy amount of JavaScript they use on their sites (in the past too, I think they also used Flash for the e-mail). Even these forums tend to drag my browser down for a second or two due to the poor JavasScript driving the site, and my machine is by no means slow. Intel i7 overclocked to 4.2Ghz with Firefox 4 (GPU acceleration enabled, 3-way SLi to GTX480s) with watercooling. It's something I've asked to get fixed, an idea pertaining to that Twitter feed alongside the forum but I don't know what has come out of it. The dragging down of my browser is annoying since I not only have a tendency to scroll while the page is loading (making the freezing noticable), I also tend to switch to other tabs, which are generally other forums while pages here are taking their time to load and render. My connection is often maxed, so loading times can also get rather long for this forum too.


For sure, a lot of optimization in Verizon's website code could be in order. After all, they seem to enjoy optimizing DSL lines Smiley Tongue

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Nice machine!  And pic.  Interestingly IE9 at least now tells me what it is and gives me a way to stop it, but I thought it odd that I had no problems for years, and it was only recently that it cropped up.  Again, thanks for the advice!

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