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fios wireless - connection strong, but no internet access

fios wireless - connection strong, but no internet access

Device: PowerBook G4
Plan: 20/5
Location: Providence, RI
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I've had FiOS for about one week now.  Wireless connection has been solid and without problems during this time.  However, intermittently both computers fail for periods at a time to access the internet.  The wireless connection remains strong, and after some time, access to the internet returns.  Of the two laptops we have (Macintosh PowerBook G4 and a Vista-running HP PC) this problem has afflicted both, but moreso the latter.  Connectivity resolves with we physically connect the laptop with a LAN cable.  Verizon has now wirelessly adjusted the router x 3 tech calls.  Is there anything else I am missing / forgetting to do?  Thanks for your help!

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During this time are you able to ping the router?  if you have the default configuration that would be done at the cmd prompt of the PC:



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Stupid suggestion but did you attempt to change the channel that its on (automatic be default

in the router) try 11 or 2. someone might have gotten a new cordless handset near by and that's

what is creating your head ache. Being providence you have a lot of potential for 2.4GHz interference

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Wireless B/G should only use channel's 1,6,11.
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With Vista you can go to your Network and Sharing Center and set your wireless network to private if it is not. I have heard that with Vista and wireless, setting a wireless network to public can create some issues. See if this helps. Your connection to the Internet may show and X, but it will still work. Thank MS.Some times the Network and sharing Center shows an X on my system, but it always works. Why MS does not fix this is beyond me. Many blame FIOS, but it is MS that we should point the finger at. I am at Vista 64 SP2 and it still happens. #$!@ MS. There have been many threads about Vista wireless and FIOS where people try to blame Verizon. Apple? Like others have said, it could be intermittant interference.
Message Edited by prisaz on 06-14-2009 08:59 AM
Location: Beaverton, Oregon
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I have this issues, too, and it's very common. Hopefully MS will fix that bug. 


HOWEVER, I notice no solution is being offered for the original question of the intermittent internet connection.  

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