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geo location poker

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Re: geo location poker

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Does your cell phone support hot spot sharing?  If so turn it on  and that will give you a separate wifi address on a totally different wan ip.

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Re: geo location poker

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@gs0b wrote:

@Telcoguru wrote:

The router when set to DHCP hands out IP addresses in numerical order so to be using one that ends in .152 that means you have 151 devices connected or the computer you are using is set up with a static ip address.

The Quantum router doesn't strictly hand out sequential addresses the way the Actiontec does.  When I first got a Quantum router, many of my devices got different IP addresses starting at 151 and higher.  Some devices got the same address they had before, most likely because they asked for it in their DHCP request.


Anyway, I know from my experience that the Quantum router does assign IP addresses all over the map.  The OP has a Quantum router.


Finally, I doubt this issue has anything to do with LAN addresses.  I suspect the poker system wants to see two different WAN IPs and identify two different WiFI networks (SSIDS) to confirm the user is really in NJ.  I'm guessing that Optimum has hot spots enabled on their users' WiFi routers that are completely separate from their private network.  Thus, their equipment may be able to provide the two identification factors the poker system needs.  But since FiOS provides only one WAN IP and the guest WiFi is separate LAN space, not a completely different WAN link it isn't meeting the poker system's requirements.  If I'm right, the OP needs to find a way to get his PC to see a neighbors WiFi network in order to validate his location.  Not a FiOS problem, per se, but an interesting side affect of the way cable companies are deploying hot spots.


I was just trying to tell him how to get a new IP adress. I didn't realize the FQG handed out IP addresses starting in the 150's

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Re: geo location poker

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Geo locating is often done using WiFi.   Thanks to Google and other data collectors there is a huge data base of SSIDs and where they were seen.    This is how devices without GPS chips can give you a very accurate approximate position.  Take a tablet without GPS or the option of a cell connection and run an application such as fine my tablet and you will see how accurate this process is.  For more info look at:


When AERO was in business offering local TV over the Internet you had to verify your location by leting an app run on your PC  that would let them scan for nearby WiFI SSIDs so they could triangulate your position.


AERO could care less what you Public IP was as they were fully aware that people using a VPN or other methods could change/spoof  a public IP.


Unfortunately if you are really in NJ I can't explain why you can't log on to your poker site.

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