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having Youtube probs with Fios? I have an official VZ answer...

having Youtube probs with Fios? I have an official VZ answer...

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Its been bugging me for a few months now with the constant lag I get with Youtube on all my devices and chatted with VZ today about it.  They did aknowledge there is a problem, here is their answer:


"I've just checked the issue with my Network team, we are receiving such issues with you tube since quite some time, network team has ruled out an compatibility issue of You tube servers with Verizon routers, the new 3 rd generation router we are offering now works perfectly with you tube so we are working on to update the old routers to work with you tube properly, we will update the firmware on these routers to fix the issue. The new firmware for the router will be released shortly and it will be updated automatically, you will be notified by an email."


Here is hoping for that firmware!

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This doesn't make too much sense to me to be honest. YouTube traffic is nothing but HTTP streaming. If you've ever downloaded a video from YouTube it's nothing more than that. Unless they're using something such as SPDY that is throwing the router off, but it shouldn't be doing DPI on packets anyways?

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I agree also, I dont see how accessing one website is any different from accessing another.  But then again, I cant stand networking and Im sure internet networking is even more insane.  Im sure they know something I dont but they did aknowledge that a lot of people have contacted them about this problem and feel they have a fix so hopefully they will have a fix soon.

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Same here. Two days ago I know most Google resources were running quite sluggishly for me, and YouTube was a mess that day. The standard tricks of reloading the page or toggling video quality between two options didn't help. It's been fine since. Much of the YouTube slow deal is on Google's end from what most have noticed since simply reloading the page can often fix speeds. Other times it's faster on more popular videos where lightly viewed videos take longer to load, due to the wa Google caches videos. It does depend a ton on the routing though, and the more customers with faster connections a provider has in a single region, the more likely it is for YouTube for see issues for one or more providers in that area if they hit the same datacenter or cache servers. Customer count is also a huge factor, too. The more customers, the more likely for issues.


Chances are much of the issue stems from the fact that most providers send their traffic to a single regional/nearby POP, most customers use a single set of regional DNS servers, and Google has a datacenter in or near the regional POP that handles traffic from that POP for lower latency. Now, you're dealing with a few things from here. If all of the providers going to that POP have very fast connections that overwhelm Google, then the problem starts to bite Google. If it's only one provider that has very fast connections and everyone else uses Cell Phone Internet, you'll find the provider with higher speeds will likely see problems. Also, each provider routes differently and also hits a different set of servers/cache farms, so if a provider has for example, high speed connections and they're hitting a specific set of cache farms only, then those servers get punished and it seems like a provider issue.


YouTube has a lot of work themselves as far as what they need to do in order to improve the speed of YouTube but it's a multi-faced problem. I can't describe it all in a forum post.

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I just got FIOS but no luck...I still have issues and when i called verizon, they said that they don't have any ETA.
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If you're still having youtube problems, try this.


Here are instructions for doing it in the Actiontec Router, with Both bad IP address ranges 




  • Log into your FIOS Router

  • Click Firewall Setting (at top)

  • Click Yes to proceed

  • Click Advanced Filtering (on left)

  • Click Add on the broadband connection rules you have setup (either coax or ethernet). You can check which one yours uses by going to My Network (up top) and clicking Network Connections (on left), look for the one that says connected.

  • Change Source address to User Defined in the drop down list

  • Enter a description (i.e. Youtube Throttling)

  • Click Add under items

  • Change Network Object Type toa IP Range

  • Enter in the From IP Address

  • Enter in the To IP Address

  • Click Apply

  • Click Add under items

  • Change Network Object Type to IP Range

  • Enter in the From IP Address

  • Enter in the To IP Address

  • Click Apply

  • Click Apply again

  • Click Reject under the Operation drop down list

  • Click Applya

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Thanks so much, that has definitely improved the performance but I do still see it sure we don't do:
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From what I've gathered, these are the two "bad" servers, there may be more, when you watch a YouTube video, you should be able to check and see what video servers you are hitting, and you can add then using the above instructions.

I would test on a hardwired connection first to make sure that you don't just have a wireless problem on top of the bad servers
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Thanks again. Do you do this to the Input Rule Sets or Output Rule Sets?
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No,  there is a problem in Verizon's network.  I have been running tracroutes for several days now and finally got a Verizon Tech supervisor, Jason, to admit there is a problem.  Below are the results from "MTR" which is a continous traceroute.


HOST: new-host-11.home Loss% Snt Last Avg Best Wrst StDev
1.|-- wireless_broadband_router 0.0% 100 1.5 1.9 0.8 25.5 3.0
2.|-- l1100.pitbpa-vfttp-51.ver 0.0% 100 4.6 7.9 4.3 42.2 5.8
3.|-- g12-0-9-451.pitbpa-lcr-04 0.0% 100 7.6 8.6 4.8 30.4 3.1
4.|-- p5-0-0.pitbpa-lcr-03.veri 0.0% 100 13.4 27.7 11.6 208.7 39.5
5.|-- so-15-0-3-0.res-bb-rtr1.v 0.0% 100 13.7 18.1 11.7 102.4 14.6
6.|-- 0.xe-7-0-0.xl3.iad8.alter 0.0% 100 11.8 17.0 11.5 46.9 7.1
7.|-- tengige0-6-1-0.gw7.iad8.a 0.0% 100 17.2 18.3 14.2 48.5 6.0
| `|--
| |--
| |--
| |--
| |--
8.|-- google-gw.customer.alter. 10.0% 100 83.3 86.6 80.2 125.4 8.3
9.|-- 0.0% 100 16.4 18.8 12.8 96.9 13.2
10.|-- 0.0% 100 14.5 16.1 14.0 33.2 2.8
11.|-- 0.0% 100 15.1 16.5 14.0 68.8 5.8


You can see at hop 8,, there is 10% packet loss.  I always see packet loss at this hop in some form.  Earlier tonight it was at 25% packet loss. is part of Verizon's backbone and IS part of their network.


Jason said not enough customers had called yet in the past week to justify a outage ticket to be opened.  This is completely ludacris. As a sidenote, the Teir 1 tech support tried to upsell me service telling me that would help, not when you see packet loss like above.  The only thing that will help that is to fix the problem, or route around it.  <sigh>

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