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help.....I don't understand wi-fi

help.....I don't understand wi-fi

Contributor arbo
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Here is my question....I just upgraded by verizon dsl service to Fios 15/5. The router is an Actiontec Ml424-wr-(rev.e).

It is connected to my Mac computer which does not have a wifi card installed.

I am looking to purchase a Bluray dvd player with wifi built in so I can get Netflix on my tv.

Will the set up I have work? Do I need a wifi card installed in my computer?

I am told that the my router will handle 802.11g, however if the Bluray player has 802.11n will it still work. Is it backward compatible?


I would appreciate any help.


Thank You.Smiley Happy

Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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yup, n is just newer/faster. your g router will still work great with your new blu-ray player. the only reason i could see it not working is if the bandwidth required to stream netflix is not available... if you have the ability to hardwire from your router to blu-ray, i would go that route. 


but the only way to know is to try. 

Bronze Contributor I
Bronze Contributor I
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@chalewa4bambu wrote:

... if you have the ability to hardwire from your router to blu-ray, i would go that route. 


I agree.  This technology is in its infancy and there are sure to be some firmware updates coming down the pike.  Taking the wifi out of the equation can only help things.  But yes, the router should be able to handle any downloads your BD player can throw at it.  No need to get your 'puter involved either.  It has nothing to do with your blue ray device communicating with Netflix.  


I'm guessing your choice will be either the Samsung or the Sony, which are the pricipal players vis-a-vis Netflix.  Go to the sites that sell them and read the reviews, and you will see that it's not all smooth sailing with these network-enabled players.  And then too, Netflix has its share of critics among its own customers, but that isn't what you asked.  LOL 


However, you can check out the official Netflix blog site to familiarize yourself with some of the complaints if you care to.  Nothing like being an informed purchaser, right?



It's ok to try to reinvent the wheel, but just make sure it's round.
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Gold Contributor V
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As said above, your set up should be fine.



Also as said above, it would be better to hard wire your connection if at all possible. But if not, then wireless should work.


I have a PS3 (which is also a Blue Ray player) connected wirelessly, streaming Netflix and it works fine.


Now I do have another Blue Ray connected with a wire that streams Netflix and it works MUCH better than the wireless one but both do work, so you shouldnt have too much trouble.


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Copper Contributor xhitman88x
Copper Contributor
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The setup will work. Wireless N is backwards compatible with Wireless G most of the time, but I would make sure before purchasing. You do not need a wifi card in your computer, unless you want to make your computer run wirelessly too. Just remember that wireless will mean slower speeds due to security and nature of the connection. This may be a bottleneck for you, especially if you wish to stream movies to your BD player. Netflix will work fine for DVD quality with your connection wirelessly, but maybe not so well with HD quality video. How do I figure? I have a laptop with wireless G. If I am even 6 inches from the router on wireless, I receive 15/3 when I have the FiOS 25/25 connection. This is the reason I go wired when I could. Also, Netflix recommends 8-10 megabits for HD quality.

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