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hey fios users

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Copper Contributor
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hey fios users

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you can use your own router call verizon up ask them to switch the internet from the coax cable to the earthanet cable i notice  better speeds when i switch ports and used my own router..

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Re: hey fios users

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That's fine if you only have internet service.


However, if you also have FIOS-TV, you have to keep the Actiontec connected to provide MOCA LAN for the STBs.

What are the tradeoffs between the various router configurations

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Re: hey fios users

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I see where some of you FIOS users feel comfortable using your OWN router.  If you subscribe to all the services that FIOS offers in the "triple play" or even just TV and Internet....aren't you worried that any other router used beside the ACTIONTEC that is recommended will degrade the performance of your service.  It could work fine for now, but, sometime down the road you might just have a surprise, and find out things are not what they use to be.  maybe I'm just cautious; but, I am very comfortable with buying my own "Actiontec" Router, and I have upgraded my service to a higher speed for my computers, TV, phone and some peripherals.  I can honestly tell you I have very good speed, and in general excellent performance with all my products.  I tell you this...because I feel FIOS is the best service available, I have had Brand X, and I know the difference.  I hope this is helpful to anyone who WANTS to have some upgrade and OWN their OWN Router.  You will have a different peace of mind.  **I know this is not in everybody's budget; but, in the long run, you might find this is the best route to take.  Just my view.  I will you luck.

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Re: hey fios users - Some Observations on Second Router

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@td224h wrote:

 ... If you subscribe to all the services that FIOS offers in the "triple play" ... aren't you worried that any other router  ... will degrade ... your service ... I have very good speed, and in general excellent performance with all my products. ...



While I certainly agree that the latest revisions have made the Actiontec a very fine product, there are other reasons to include a second (and in some cases, a third) router in the network.  In my case, I happened to have purchased an Asus RT-N16 just prior to deciding to switch to FiOS for all services.  After much research and study of various configurations and the many VZ applications FiOS offers on the network, I decided that I wanted to maintain all of them.  That meant running the Actiontec as primary, and setting up the Asus as secondary.  It happens that there exists a very easy method to include the Asus behind the Actiontec, which in my case resulted in a better wireless signal, and the ability to use the Asus USB ports for network applications.
I must admit also that I was keen on using as much of my existing hardware as possible in the new Verizon-based network, an important consideration for keeping budgetary peace at home.
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