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how to connect a 2nd compuer 200ft from our house router (no cat5)

how to connect a 2nd compuer 200ft from our house router (no cat5)

Contributor hoosierdaddy1
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I have an outbuilding about 200 ft. from our house router and would like to get a computer in the outbuilding to connect to our house router without running Cat5 cable.

Any suggestions?

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Gold Contributor VII
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Go to Google and search for point to point wireless link. There are alot of different brands out there. I'm a fan of Ubiquti Networks. I use several of their products. They have a point to point link called NanoStation you can check out. Just keep in mind their products do require some configuration. There are other brands out there that are preconfigured which might make life easier.

The way they work is line or site so you will have to mount it on the house where it is facing the outbuilding. You'll have to run ethernet from you router to where it will be mounted on the house. They are PoE(power over ethernet) so you don't have to run electric. They also have two ethernet ports so the one on the outbuilding can connect to an ethernet switch or wireless access point. 

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The other posters suggestion is great. 

However wifi can travel 200ft or more and if you have a great WiFi radio in the computer you might be able to run nothing or configure nothing to obtain the signal.

now WiFi on Fios routers are horrible, so the other poster has the best suggestion.


at our house our Netgear router has a signal over 200ft from its standing point.

we also have a Netgear WiFi extender which we move to our back yard in summer which also increases the range. You could try that method as well.

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