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Greetings, I have a DLink DI624 router on a FIOS connection. I recently received a Linux notebook and want to use the wireless connection. I need the encryption key info. Verizon online help says to go to  but that address asks for a username and password that are apparently different thatn the ones for Anyone know how I can get this information for my own router? Thanks in advance.
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Hi. it has been a while but I think one of these combinations will get you in. Try username: admin  password: password          or  leave username blank  and try  admin    for the password.  hope it helps 
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Here is a link to a website that will provide the default login information for many routers:


Of course, when your router was installed, the installer may have changed the login info, but should have given it to you. If you log in using the default information, there is a reset button that you can use to set the router back to factory defaults, but of course if that is done, if there was any customization done by the installer, it will be lost.
Hope this helps.
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Was the router provided by Verizon? If not then my guess is that the Verizon online help will not help.


For me, the Verizon installer person created a number of icons on my desktop; one of them is "FiOS Information" which creates a document with the title "FiOS Tech Wizard Information". It has information about the router, including the address (, User Name and password.


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Access to the router is usually set for  Unless he happened to change your routers ip address...


Login name is admin


the password is password or password1


If none of these work, just hit the reset on he router and start from scratch.

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ummm  Dlink <----> Actiontec   = 2 different manufacturers = 2 different IP addressing schemes, doesn't it?
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Found the manual here...access is


Login is admin ....  Leave the password blank and click ok


Yes, 2 different routers...I didn't think Verizon uses these routers for Fios....

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yeah these router's were distributed 2 years ago I believe. you will need to manually setup everything D-Link624


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Techman28 wrote:

yeah these router's were distributed 2 years ago I believe. you will need to manually setup everything D-Link624



Yes Techman28

You are correct. I recieved a DI-604 with my FIOS when first installed 9/2005. Router without wireless. Basic first round install with only ethernet IP and no TV.

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