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intermittent connectivity issues

intermittent connectivity issues

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In the past two weeks, my FIOS internet will stop working intermittently, but only for the main network, not for the guest network. Both are on the same FIOS line and router

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How is your computer connected to your verizon router, WiFi or wired ethernet? 


If you do have a computer to test, while the WiFi is showing connectivity issues, plug a computer into the yellow ethernet port on the back of the router, and see if you can still access the internet.


If you can, then your FiOS line is fine and there is probably an issue with the router itself, this is also probably an indication that the router is at fault if the guest network stays online but not your local network.


Your best bet would be to let tech support know, and they would send you a replacement router. 

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It seems everyone who switched from the old fios router to the new quantum high speed router is having nothing but issues and I'm one of them. I've only had the quantum router now for maybe a month or so and I lose connection constantly to my laptop and xbox one. One day for no apparent reason I lost tv service and internet and had to have the a tech over the phone zap my main box or router. I had no issues with the old router and I didn't even want to upgrade I just wanted a lower price than what I was paying it makes no sense giving me a high speed router that doesn't work properly hardly any channels and im paying over $177 a month. Boo verizon if this isn't resolved I'll just leave and go to cablevision. This is total bull**bleep**

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I've had quantum router for at least a year.

Never had any issues.

Router going out should not impact TV service as it does not flow through router.

Sounds like either a problem with ont or connection to it.

Try double checking the connection at not to splitter.

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