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is there something wrong?

is there something wrong?

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since yesterday some how my Verizon fios speed drop to Download: .2mb/s and Upload: 1mb/s, and loading video from youtube and other page so slow, how can i fix this?


i noticed when temp change it happen for like a week then return to normal, idk if this true or how can i fix this.

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When it occurs, contact Verizon directly. If it is temperature related, it could be the ONT has a problem.

Contact tech support.

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Maybe unrelated, but YouTube seemed to be lagging quite a bit yesterday. Today it

seems much better (and faster!).

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ok i thought this would go away but it been more then 2 days now and my speed remain at .4mb/s for download i  just ran a quick Test my speed at verizon fios.

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I'm havig the same problem, except mine isn't as bad; is reporting my internet at 5 Mbps, down from the usual 18 Mbps (Fios 20/5), but my upload seems oddly normal.

It has also been happening for the past 2-4 days or so


-Silver Spring, MD

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Location: Staten Island, NY
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Same issues here.  I called to have them to reboot the ONT and my router.  I have the 35/35 package.  My uploads have been fine at 37 on the Verizon Fios speedtest but my downloads went from 43 to 34 then to 28, slowly dying,  and d/l is strangely slow on and weirder on  Uploads on the other test sites are much slower than VZ's test site.  I'm starting to have my doubts about all these test sites as to their accuracy.    Anyways, tech support reset my ONT and my router and for now things are back to 43/37, but it doesn't last long.  They said if it continues they will have to come out and change the ONT.  I think it's their equipment, not mine.

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i think imm going call them see what happen, it like it happen mostly in Silverspring MD area. thanks for the tips

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irbrenda wrote:

Same issues here.  I called to have them to reboot the ONT and my router. 

   What number do you call for something like that?


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i usually call the number on Verizon bill and tell them Account number and Your name, answer few automatic machine and wait for customer support.






  FiOS Internet and TV Learn More 1-888-881-8161

Mon - Sun 8 am - midnight EST

Billing information -

Mon - Fri 8 am - 9 pm CT

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Location: Staten Island, NY
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1-888-553-1555 for FIOS Internet tech support.

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