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kids online activity

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is there any way to monitor my kids online activity at the router?

they have several different devices and it would really be helpful to monitor and filter it at the router.



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It's been reported that if you do it through the FiOS router, there is a glitch that will cut your speeds in half.  


If you want to try it then follow these instructions.


Activate Parental Controls
With the BHR's "Parental Controls" screen, you can create a basic access policy for any computer on the BHR's network by creating a set of rules (for example, block access to certain websites). To do this:  

1.    Open a Web browser and enter "" in the Address bar, then press the "Enter" key on the keyboard. Click OK.
2.    Click Parental Control from the top of the Home screen.
3.    The "Parental Control" screen appears. From the "Networked Computer/Device" list box, select a computer/device, then click Add. The computer/device appears in the "Selected Devices" list box.
4.    In the "Limit Access by" section of the screen, select one of the following options: 

1.    Block the following Websites and Embedded Keywords within a Website - blocks all websites or keywords entered in step 4 from being accessed on the computers/devices selected in step 2.
2.    Allow the following Websites and Embedded Keywords within a Website - allows access only to the websites or keywords entered in step 4 on the computers/devices selected in step 2.
3.    Blocking ALL Internet Access - blocks all Internet access on the computers/devices selected in step 2.

5.    Enter the URL address of a website and, if applicable, the embedded keyword within the website. Click Add. The websites and/or keywords selected will appear in the textbox to the right. If you make a mistake, or wish to delete a previously entered website/keyword, select it, then click Remove.
6.    If needed, you can create a schedule for when you want the rule to be active, or inactive. In the "Create Schedule" section, select the affected days.
7.    Select whether the rule will be active or inactive during the schedule you created by clicking the radio button next to the appropriate option.
8.    If you want more precise control over the schedule, set up an hourly schedule by entering the start and end times in the appropriate text boxes. Don't forget to specify AM or PM. Note: The hourly schedule only affects the days selected in step 5. For example, if you select Saturday and Sunday, a start time of 10 a.m., and an end time of 3 p.m., the scheduled time will be Saturday/Sunday, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.
9.    In the "Create Rule Name" section, enter a rule name and description in the appropriate text boxes.
10.    Click Apply to save and apply the new rule.


A lot of users find it easier to use a free online service called Open DNS   I like it and use it myself, and I would recommend it.  


Verizon also offers parental control software that gets loaded on the kids machine.  It's free and you would get and download it at www.verizon.net/freetools 


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