netbook and fios internet

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netbook and fios internet

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I am considering purchasing a netbook for my 10 year old.  We have fios internet and wireless accts for mine and my husband's cell phones.  My question is if we purchase this netbook for our daughter, will it function with our fios internet service or do we need to purchase another wireless acct for the netbook itself?

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Re: netbook and fios internet

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There's two types of "wireless" you'll hear when discussing netbooks:  1) wireless modems, and 2) wi-fi. 


#1 is where you want to use Internet like a cell phone, anywhere that you would get a cell signal, and it would have a calling plan, possibly with restrictions on minutes. Ride a train, bus, on travel, anywhere you can get a cell signal, and this will require a calling plan.


#2 is where you would use the wi-fi built-in to your FiOS router (if so-equipped) and the signal is good throughout your house, and maybe even out to your yard.  This is free, using your existing router (if so-equipped, like most of them are nowadays, including my Westell FiOS router). Wi-fi is sometimes called "802.11" in network terms.


#2 is also common for airports, coffee shops and cafe's, bookstores, and everywhere else that offers "wi-fi".  Sometimes they're free, but if they aren't, it's only because the local establishment wants you to pay a few bucks -- not because you're paying a fee to a cell phone company.


I have an HP netbook and I remember there were 2 models, one that supported #1 and one that supported both #1 and #2.  The latter was I think $100 more, and would require a service plan.  No need for me, so I only wi-fi only.  The Acers and other netbooks will function the same when it comes to wi-fi.


It sounds like you're probably leaning toward #2 with a 10-year-old daughter. As long as your home router supports wireless "wi-fi" you'll be fine; there's some minor setup stuff requiredon the router to allow it to acknowledge the new netbook, and you might want to enable encryption for security, but tech support should be able to help you with that.





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