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ordered new service

ordered new service

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on friday night I ordered new services as a new customer and they are shipping me via ups my fios self instal kit how many days dose it take for delivery?

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Not sure what you ordered as a self install.


Normally delivery is only a day or two. E.g. they normally deliver new STB/DVR overnight.

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FiOS isn't a self-install kind of service. What exactly did you order?

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Self Install kit? Are you sure you didn't order DSL from Verizon? FiOS is one of those services where it does require Verizon to install it if your home has never been wired before for it.

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yes I only ordered fios 25/25 fiber verizon internet. Not DSL

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Unless you are in a building that previously had FIOS, there is no way its a self install.

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no my house never had fios but my neighbor has fios and when it was installed it reguired digging in our yard to instal a fios line.

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Silver Contributor V
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Then Verizon must send out people to do a install.  Its not a trivial install.

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ouch. The rep I spoke with from the IHD department told me self-instal kit send out through ups why was I told diffrently?

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Gold Contributor II
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Something's definitely wrong then ... for a FiOS install at a new location they're going to have to come out and run a FiOS fiber optic cable from the side of your home to the location where your neighbor's cable ran to -- and dig up the yard again the process most likely -- and then install an ONT (optical network terminal) and power supply and then connect it up to your in home wiring (cable, phone, etc.)


FiOS initial installs are not "self-install".


Subsequent DVR/STB installs in a home that already has FiOS are self-install, but that's about it.

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