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slow download speed all sudden (Dallas)

slow download speed all sudden (Dallas)

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I have the 35/35 fios connection (Dallas TX area), and I was consistently getting over 40 down and maybe around 25-30 up for the longest time, and I was happy with that. So with that said, just noticed last night my connection started to act weird, very slow to download anything, so slow it felt disconnected. I did some test on, and all about the same... I am now getting slow downloads, like under 5 down, but my up seem to be normal. I restarted my Actiontec router, didn't change anything... I even set it back to defaults... nothing. After awhile I ran the test again and noticed I was getting back up in the 20s for down, and up was the still about the same. It seems the down fluctuates and gets really low like around 1 down and then will back up into the 20s, but have yet to see it go over 30 since this issue started... and like I said before, I was getting over 40 down. I don't know why all sudden, its acting this way. I thought maybe it's on Verizon's end... and if I should call support and see if they could check.

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well, i wanted to try something. I still had the original d-link router (not wireless) that verizon hooked up when I first got the fios service like 5 years ago... so I thought I would disconnect the actiontec router and just use the d-link and guess waht.... my speeds are normal now. I am getting over 40 down and over 30 up, beautiful.... wish actiontec made a decent router.


so I guess this actiontec router is going out....

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I'm having major trouble in DFW today with Verizon FIOS but only on certain websites, mainly in California. Like ebay and a few others.  Pages are timing out, won't load fully, hang, etc.  Maybe there is some server issue somewhere?  Other web pages are flying like normal.  Was on chat support with Verizon and lost the connection and they never called me back even though we verified a call back number. Very aggravating.  I don't understand why it's only some sites and others are fine. I did a and numbers are flying to the Dallas server though.  45/35. ??

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I live in Denton and it has been horrendous for a while now. I think they want to force us to upgrade. I have been getting mailers about upgradin to the next tier. I will go without internet before I allow them to use this tactic on me.

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