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updgrading from 5/2 to 10/2

updgrading from 5/2 to 10/2

Contributor Andrew
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I understand FiOS internet customers in some/most areas can be upgraded from 5/2 internet service to 10/2 at no extra cost. Who do I need to speak with to upgrade my service? I was in a Verizon Wireless/FiOS store earlier this afternoon, and all they could offer was to upgrade me to 20/5 for $10 more per month.



Copper Contributor GSnicker
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In most areas this is done automatically, but it usually takes some time. You can also call to (888) 553-1555 and they can upgrade it for you if it is definitely available and the price has not increased. 
Copper Contributor JohnA
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Verizon doesn't do automatic updates. You will have to talk to billing, they're the only ones who can put in a speed upgrade. Call and aim yourself down the phone tree by saying billing. Answer a few questions in the billing branch, and then say "Agent", and it will connect you to a human. The upgrade is free if you are at the current rate in your bundle. Otherwise it may raise your monthly rate @ $3.
Nickel Contributor
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On top of that, if you have any sort of bundle with Verizon, you will have to renew your entire contract for another 2 years.  Pretty {word filter} since I can make any change I want to my TV service by adding / subtracting services without renewing a contract.  I can also add / remove features from my phone line without signing up for another 2 years.  Why would I want to renew for another 2 years for all three when I'm just updating the internet?
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