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you are screwed if you sign up a contract and move

you are screwed if you sign up a contract and move

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Just want to share my unpleasant experience here after spending hours arguing with those representatives.


Basically, I signed up a 1-year contract for tv+internet for 79 a month, and I moved after 7 month.  Because I know i was gonna move, so I double checked with the sales person many many times, and I was told if i move, my contract and promotion will not be interupted, but they lied or something went wrong with them. When I called to ask for the transfer of the service to the new location 2 months ago, I was told because the type of bundle is no longer exist, I have to either cancel and pay termination fee, or pay full price (50 more) and serve the full term. So after wasting hours arguing, I decided since 1 year is pretty near I can afford the hike in the fees so I chose to stay with them 3 more months. But that's not the end of it!! Today when I called to cancel my service, since it's almost a year. Then I was told I have been signed up for another full year. The reason? When you moved, you need to start a new contract!!


So the result is, after paying 180 for two months, (instead of 79+tax), I am done with verizon fios. I am foerver done with verizon!! I payed termination fee and told them to cancel my service tomorrow. Guys, hope this info is helpful.

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I actually read through some of  the new TOS and it does say that if you move and you still have time on your contract you are liable to pay the discounted difference or whatever mumbo jumbo they come up with.  


I'm sure this has come about from people saying they are moving to get out of the contract when indeed they don't really move.  There should be a stipulation that you can show your new residency to prove that you moved.


I know someone that lives in an apartment complex where FIOS is now available.  After your post and reading the TOS I will share this with them.  I'm sure they will stick with the Cablevison's no-contract clause and avoid getting into a 12 month agreement with the fear that they may move somewhere between the 12 months.



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someone gave you bad information.


Moving from one Verizon location to another should not affect your service in any way. I've done it myself. As long as you are staying with verizon, there is no breach of contract. even if you were to move to an area that didnt offer the same services. IE going from Fios to DSL would not affect your contract as long as you give Verizon the chance to continue to offer service to you. and if you move from a Verizon to a NON-Verizon area, again you should be able to get out of the contract.


The contract is only supposed to be enforced if you leave Verizon when they could still provide you service. So if you move from Verizon fios area to another fios area and dont get fios in the new area, that would be a case where you would have to pay a termination fee.


Maybe one of the Verizon billing people that visit this board can help. Because this just doesnt sound right.



or at least this is the way it USED to work. For all I know they've changed it. But it still doesnt sound right.


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According to the TOS posted 11/30/2009.  


Subscribers with Term Plans; Early Termination Fee.EXCEPT AS OTHERWISE SET FORTH IN THIS AGREEMENT, IF YOUR BROADBAND SERVICE IS TERMINATED BY YOU OR BY US BEFORE COMPLETING YOUR TERM PLAN, THEN YOU AGREE TO PAY VERIZON THE ETF SET FORTH IN THE PRICING PLAN YOU HAVE CHOSEN. If you terminate Service at your location, your existing Term Plan cannot be carried over to a new Service location.


One other thing to note is:

Changes to your local voice telephony service. If you change your local telephone company or discontinue your local telephone service, we may in our discretion either terminate your Service or continue to provide Broadband Service without local Verizon voice service at the then-current rates, terms and conditions applicable to your new Service plan and you agree to pay any new or higher monthly fee that may apply to your new Service plan. If we elect to terminate your Service under this Section 6.2, then we reserve the right to charge any early termination fees and to apply the Equipment return terms under Section 9.

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I suggest you send an email to She's a VP in Customer Service (I know that's something Vz  isn't often good at).


Not sure if this will help or solve your issue but it's worth a shot.


btw, Vz normally uses middle initials and periods in their emails. The above address is correct, I suspect no initials, periods or other stuff is used to make it easier for customers.

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Verizon's messed up. It's getting too big that it doesn't care about anything. I hope verizon will go bancruptcy like aol...

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Thanks for the suggestion, but i think i am done with this matter. Like I said during the call, it's not about money any more. It's the feeling! And they don't care. They won't appologize either. At least 2 representative lied to me, one lied to me that I can move and can keep the promotion rate, one singed me up a full year contract at full price without letting me....

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never_fios wrote:

It's the feeling! And they don't care. They won't appologize either. At least 2 representative lied to me, one lied to me that I can move and can keep the promotion rate, one singed me up a full year contract at full price without letting me....



Shame on them.



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The Support site here has a section on their Terms of Service and a PDF document with a suffix (for services ordered prior to 6-21-09).


Paragraph 5. c. 2. says....


2. The Early Termination Fee will not apply if you cancel your FiOS Bundle or terminate a Service and, at the time of such termination, order and agree to a new FiOS Bundle. The Early Termination Fee will not apply if ONE-BILL is cancelled or terminated and you continue to subscribe to the remaining services in your FiOS Bundle for the Minimum Term.

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The EXACT same thing that happened to me.  I signed up for a 1 year contract for FIOS internet in June, 2009.  I knew I might move before the contract was up, so I asked both the rep AND the installation agent if there would be ANY fees or penalties for moving, and I was assured, "No, not if where you're moving to has FIOS accessibility."  So in December, I called to check if an apt. I was looking at had FIOS access, was told that it did, and was told to call 1 week before I moved to set up a date for services to be turned off, and on at the new place.  Again, I asked if there will be any fees or charges, and was assured there would be NO fees.  Well, I called in Jan. the week before the move, and at first the rep was just going to put in the order, but what do you know.....all of a suddem I'm told that I will have to sign up for a NEW 1-year contract at the NEW rate of $54 (the rate in my original contract was $49).  I told the rep I did not want to have Verizon for another year, as the customer service has been very rude, and I've spent hours on the phone being transferred back and forth between depts. because of ongoing problems with their billing dept.  "There's nothing we can do, the current location is 'grandfathered in' at $49 and we can't give you that rate at a new location."  I said, "Fine, can I just be charged the $54 for the remaining 6 months of my contract?"  "Impossible." was what I was told.  "This is a new policy that was instated as of Jan. 1, 2010."  Oh yeah, and if I didn't sign up for this new contract, I'm was going to be charged the $100 early termination fee.  Talk about BAIT AND SWITCH.  I called again the following day, hoping to talk to a supervisor, and told the new rep about the move.  "No problem," she said, "I'll put in the order."  I asked if there were any fees, and unbelievably she said, "no, you should be all set, there's FIOS already installed at the new location."!  So after 5 min., her tone changed COMPLETELY and she started reciting the same script I heard the day I asked to speak to a supervisor.  "There will be a wait for a supervisor, do you want to leave a message and they can call you back?"  I said, "No, it's okay, I've waited before."  And she comes back with, "Okaaaaaaayyyyyy......" and immediately muted herself.  Then, after half an hour, and her intermitently asking if I was sure I wanted to wait, she finally got agitated enough to say to me, "You can't be put on hold, you're holding up my line." and again immediately muted herself.  Finally, the supervisor came on, I got the same response from her, "there's nothing we can do...." "impossible....",  "the contract you signed is linked to your location, so new location, new contract."  I asked her, "If this is a 'new' policy as of Jan. 2010, then why didn't any of the reps tell me about it in the first place?"   "I'll let them know about that." 

I eventually asked for the phone # to the legal dept., and was told, "Everything we're doing is perfectly legal...there's nothing you can do about it."  Put on hold again, and then was told she couldn't find the phone #, but gave me a number to HQ.


The ridiculous thing is all I wanted was to finish out my contract until June 2010.  I honestly didn't even care about the rate increase, but I'm 99% sure they couldn't have legally been able to change the rate on my existing contract, which is why they instated that "new contract" tactic. Thankfully, Moreen {edited for privacy}(who strangely enough isn't in that dept. anymore) had enough sense to understand my point, and asked her supervisor what could be done.  They offered to take off 3/4 of the ETF, and considering I would have payed $250 for the next 6 months alone, or $25 to be free of Verizon's ineptitude, I took the deal. Hours wasted, I wouldn't have even known about HQ unless I mentioned some form of legal action.   A portion of the prompt you here when you call HQ is, "for issues that have been unable to be resolved by a supervisor..."  so techincally, I should've been given that number before I had to ask for the legal dept.




I know that was a long post, but I just feel the need to WARN people who may be interested in Verizon services about things like this.

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