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Nickel Contributor
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'Revenge' used to be available Free On Demand 3 days after it aired (if not sooner, can't remember) but now the latest show isn't there, SD or HD. (The show is still there, just not the most recent episode.) Is there a contract problem, a new policy, a tech problem? Thanks for any info. 

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At the time of this post we are showing the episode from 5-16 posted. I believe the next air date was the 23rd. We typically are given the episodes and able to post them by the day after air, but on occasion there are delays for various reasons.



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I am having a similar problem with OnDemand TV shows & Movies ...


TV Series:

For example, Army Wives on Lifetime, the season is just about over BUT the one and only episode available onDemand is from July.

Also what about premium station series and viewing past seasons, not available? for example Treme on HBO, i wanted to start watching but season 3 airs in September, however OnDemand doesnt show season 1 or 2



Very difficult to find the just added or New movies On Demand. What day are new movies uploaded? is it the same day they are released on DVD?


I am a long time Comcast user, i have to say not entirely impressed with Verizon Fios' version of OnDemand, there are still a lot of kinks that need to be worked out.  Comcast was great about uploading a series the day after it airs, and the entire season was usually available for viewing. 


i know i am not the only one out there who forgets to set their DVR and / or misses an occassional episode of a series.  Whats the delay?

Nickel Contributor
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Me too.. Lately I can't find Premium series I've paid for On Demand -- the FlexView is very confusing. And there is a super long lag time between tv airings & the On Demand availability. 


NB -- this thread was marked solved already (it's an old one) so you might need to post a new thread to get attention from a Verizon person.

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Revenge season finale from 5/11 is not on Fios on-demand, but I just checked and it IS AVAILABLE on Comcast.  Reason #371 why I'm switching back to Comcast as soon as my contract is up! 

Nickel Contributor
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Hi. You do realize I posted this two years ago? ABC OnDemand does offer REVENGE -- the last 5 or 6 episodes are currently available, -- OP

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And the issue remains... glad to see they've fixed nothing.  The latest episode is still not available where I live.  

Nickel Contributor
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Copper Contributor
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Currently, we are unable to view any ABC On Demand show. The image is scrambled, pixalated, and unviewable. This is not happening with any other network or channel On Demand show. Is this a current network problem. How do I go about reporting this problem?

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