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AMC West coast channel change.

AMC West coast channel change.

Copper Contributor briand805
Copper Contributor
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West coast of California here. So we normally record walking dead at 6:00pm. Today we just happened to be sitting in front of the TV at 6 and noticed it wasn't recording. I check the upcoming shows and found walking dead was not scheduled to recorded at 6:00pm or any other time slot for the day. 


I searched thinking maybe it wasn't on this week for some reason. That's when I realized it is now coming on at 9:00pm. I also noticed that the Channel name has now changed to AMCPHD. 


Any idea when and why this annoyance occurred?


EDIT: I also had to change the dvr to record walking dead again as something caused the box to not recognize the show now comes on at 9:00pm

Bronze Contributor II
Bronze Contributor II
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we are now receiving the west coast channel AMNP,Instead of the east coast amc,You''l have to learn to adjust your schedule just rememer the starting time now is 3 hours later so instead of walking dead starting at 6 p.m pacific time . it will now start at 9 p.m. , just like when they changed us fron TNT to TNTP 3 hour time difference  from east anw west coast.

Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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I wouldn't be surprised if the cable networks themselves had some influence in this move. I did a quick Google search, and saw that a number of other carriers on the West Coast (Cox and Time Warner, for example) have made similar moves in the last few months.


My guess is that the networks want prime-time programming to actually air in prime-time, in the hopes of getting better ratings. Sure, many people DVR it, but there are probably others that either don't record it, haven't gotten home from work yet, or choose local news instead.


Just my theory...feel free to shoot holes in it. 🙂


Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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Yea, this is very annoying that Verizon didn't send out any message telling us about the update.

I wonder if this new channel will solve the 0 channel error.


Contributor Walker909
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Super unhappy with the AMC Walking Dead time change. All my friends and family on the west coast with different carriers do NOT have this problem. It may be time to change carriers!
Bronze Contributor II
Bronze Contributor II
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Thats what i used to love about directv ,in that they carry the east coast feeds of TNT USA,AMC,and i think some others also .I loved that i could watch my shows at 5 P.M. or 6 P.M. on those channels and then start watching my primetime shows on the broadcast networks NBC,ABC,CBS,and FOX at 8 P.M.. BUT nowunless i get a 6 tuner tivo roamio i may not record or watch some those shows on  AMC ,TNT, or USAanymore because i might want to watch whats on the networks 1st!

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