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Accuweather Improvements

Copper Contributor
Copper Contributor
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Re: Accuweather Improvements

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We are on Long Island, NY There is a storm coming when there is a "weather person" on the radar is  3 hours old. They keep repeating it. The storm cell they are showing has already past over us. There is more coming possible lightening and hail. We need a news service not this amature hour. When there is a large map with music the radar is current. Get rid of the "weather people" put up radar, let the customers predict their own weather. It would be much better! 

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Re: Accuweather Improvements

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Just got back from vaction at a house with the Weather Channel. In the smallest town, there was a crawl at the bottom of the screen with the local conditions and forecast. Why can't AccuWeather do the same thing? How about just going back to the Weather Channel.
Copper Contributor
Copper Contributor
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Re: Accuweather Improvements

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We've had AccuWeather for at least 6 months and, in that time, I have never seen the weather for the Providence/Boston region.  What a waste.  The Weather Channel and its sister SD station (channel 49) were great.  I could get my local weather at any time.   I pay $163 per month and now I can't even get the local weather.  Since Verizon refuses to listen to its customers, I will be cancelling my service when it expires in December.  Time to cut the cord.

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Accuweather not worth watching.

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Received an email about the "new, improved" accuweather that it now has local content.  NOT TRUE!  I tuned in this morning and got weather for California, then Texas, then back to California again.  I live in NEW YORK.   When, after a ridiculously long time (hours-maybe not until tomorrow), accuweather cycles around to New York,  what do we get?   New York City.    I know that is the largest city but it is not the ONLY city and the weather there is vastly different from the rest of the state due to the ocean effect.  Living in western NY, where we are affected by lake effect snow in winter, it is imperative to be informed of local current conditions!!!!!!!!  Weather from the other side of the country is totally useless to us. 

It is certainly easy to see that with hundreds of messages and replies regarding the weather service Verizon provides, you have many unhappy customers.  I urge Verizon to negotiate a contrast with The Weather Channel which provided up to date weather in a timely fashion plus the added bonus of having a separate channel for our local weather with a radar picture.   Accuweather is totally inadequate and a very poor substiute.  

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Re: Accuweather Improvements

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Doesnt matter what kind of improvements they make. Watching accuweather is like watching the philadelphia 76ers compared to the te elite teams. Is Sam Hinke the man in charge there at accuweather? BRING BACK WEATHER CHANNEL- we deserve first class!!!

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