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Al Jazeera In English Added

Al Jazeera In English Added

Silver Contributor II
Silver Contributor II
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I posted before about what was going on with mega tv channel 466 because it is no longer on the guide and now i have the answer. The affiliate in new york WRNN decided to no longer continue providing that channel and instead what will be in its place will be al jazeera in english. That is why channel 466 currently says it is off the air because al jazeera in english will be there in its place soon. Verizon fios will soon have that channel on the air for everyone in the new york and new jersey area only where it will air on channel 466. It is a network that gives people an unfiltered uncensored look at what is going on in the middle east in english. I am still wondering if another tv station will provide mega tv so that those who watched the shows on there will be able to continue to keep watching the programs that have been there for almost two years. The ny daily news has the details about verizon fios adding al jazeera in english where they go into detail about how it will now be available to over 2 million people in the new york and new jersey area.

Gold Contributor VII Gold Contributor VII
Gold Contributor VII
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Apparently still to be added.  Although I see Al Jazeera World showing in the regular WRNN  channel.

Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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Anyone know which areas of NJ will be getting Al Jazeera in English? Perhaps, more specifically, by VHO?

Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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Uh oh. On Twitter, I asked about this. @FiosTV tweeted back "we never announced Al Jaz Eng... NY Times report was in error". Huh? Dang, I read that Verizon has to approve the content for a change in format on WRNN-DT2. Does this mean they're not coming to terms with AJE and/or WRNN-DT2 for the NYC area? Maybe they will dump WRNN-DT2?
Contributor joandavis
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I would like to have Al Jazeera English added to my channel list.  Thanks.

Contributor DrOneL
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So would I.  It would be nice to have a news channel with real international focus so I can hear about important news that may have global consequences instead of the trivia that many US news stations seemed intent to shove down our throats.

Contributor johnnyandmary
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This is John out in Long Beah, CA and I would love to have Al Jazeera in English.  Please, Please, Please.

Copper Contributor SouthernLogic
Copper Contributor
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How is this channel deemed to be worthy of adding when the positive news network THEBLAZE is not.  Would Verizon like to promote anti US, anti western culture viewpoint at the expense of a news network that promotes these things and the way of life we all know and love?


Saddly it seems so.

Contributor jimva23666
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Sickens me as well.  Makes me want to drop FIOS.  Al Jazeera is very anit American and extremely anti Israel.

Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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@jimva23666 wrote:

Sickens me as well.  Makes me want to drop FIOS.  Al Jazeera is very anit American and extremely anti Israel.

No it's not. Have you tried watching Al Jazeera America? It is not anti-American at all. Don't believe the stereotypes and talking heads who have told you that. It's very similar to BBC World News. I like how it reports hard news and isn't just a bunch of political talking heads like MSNBC, Fox News, etc. or mindless fluff and ignorant reporters like CNN. CNN is also drenched in flop sweat from its constant struggle to be as centrist as possible while still doing political talking head stuff. For a while, I wondered, what happened to reporting straight-up hard news from around the world at all times? That's the niche that Al Jazeera America has moved to occupy.


As for "anti-Israel," you will find some reports critical of certain particular conservative policies in Israel, but that goes with the territory and IMHO it's a valid viewpoint not otherwise found on America-based channels.


I'm sad to see Al Jazeera English no longer makes itself available in the U.S. and so it has removed itself from channel 481 (WRNN-DT2) in the NYC/NJ area. Apparently Al Jazeera America does not want another branch of its operations competing with itself. So until AJA makes a deal with Slime Warner, Slime Warner's victims... errrr I mean customers won't be able to see it in the NYC area anymore, but at least we FiOS customers can see it. I'll be sticking with FiOS for that, among other reasons.

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