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Al Jazeera In English Added

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Silver Contributor III
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Re: Al Jazeera In English Added

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just grab a roku and you watch AJE.

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Silver Contributor II
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Re: Al Jazeera In English Added

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I'm not surprised by the reaction by people to al jazeera america being added to the fios guide. The people who continue to criticize it are probably a part of that pam geller crowd who are always demonizing people who are different than them because of their race or religious beliefs. The same individuals who are threatening to leave over the addition of the channel probably watch a lot of fox noise i mean faux news no wait fox "news" channel which is a network that spends their entire day showing images of people of certain backgrounds in a negative light. All day long channel 618 spends their time carefully selecting which stories they are going to air in order to portray people of a certain background as being out to destroy their audience. If you were to turn on that network at any moment of the day you will see that fox news spends their time constantly running stories of people with dark skin who speak another language as people who are out to destroy america and only the people on fox news will protect you from it happening if you tune in to their shows and buy their books. While i prefer al jazeera english to al jazeera america it is a lot better than the cable news channels that are out there whose programs are now nothing more than shouts shows. They invite someone on that shouts talking poiints at someone then the other person shouts their talking points back and at the end of the debate nothing was resolved where what you had were people screaming at each other because they were there to entertain not offer "real journalism fair and balanced." The fact that verizon added the channel at channel 114 right before fox business (channel 117) and fox news (channel 118) is interesting to see since fox business has said all along that al jazeera would not last that long on the air where it would be removed because of low ratings and fox news said that it is an anti-american network. For anyone who has seen the network they know that these things are not true and if news networks were all about making a profit then perhaps they can all go the route of the e network and become nothing more than a tabloid channel because tabloid tv does make a profit. Cnn has now chosen to get into the shout show business by bringing back crossfire which will start to air on september 16. A very desperate move by cnn to get ratings. Perhaps they should watch al jazeera or the bbc to understand what a news network is supposed to do rather than trying to be an entertainment network.

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Re: Al Jazeera In English Added

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