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Big Ten Network Fiasco

Big Ten Network Fiasco

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Being located between Philadelphia and State College, PA, and like hundreds of thousands of others in PA, I am a huge Penn State and was looking forward to this matchup with the local Temple Owls on the Big Ten Network.


Instead, I'm treated to Purdue - CMU!  If they tried, Verizon could not have shown more incompetence in airing the wrong game!!


So, I called Verizon, and they told me it was the Big Ten Network's fault, that the BTN controls  programming.  This I know is complete {word filter} (and Verizon knows it too).  The BTN provides all games at no extra charge to Verizon and Verizon made the executive decision to only air one game instead of all of them on overflow channels (like most other providers do).  I'm sure the decision is money-related, and it has led to the confusion resulting in the wrong games being aired in the wrong areas.


OK, now I've been lied to by a Verizon representative, so I speak with the supervisor.  The supervisor admits I've been lied to and tells me a "work ticket" is in and the situation will be rectified in the next 24 hours!!  Hello, a game is 3-1/2 hours long.  Even worse, this is an easy fix.  Because the BTN provides all of the games (again, no extra charge to Verizon), it's a simple software fix of switching the feeds, which shouldn't take more than five minutes.


The game is now almost over.  No fix!


So, to review, we've been deceived in that the BTN would be available on time (wasn't available until 3rd game of season), deceived in that Verizon would air all BTN games, screwed over in that they can't even air the right games, lied to by their representatives, and deceived and effectively dismissed by their supervisors.


Customer service is not part of the equation.  We have to start holding these {please keep your posts courteous} accountable. 


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I suspect that Verizon provides a "national" feed of BTN. (one feed for everyone all over the country)   I don't think they ever made an allowance for having more than one game on at a time.  To do so they'd have to carry them on multiple channels to fit everyone's desires.  However, I wouldn't assume that it's a simple software fix.  If Verizon isn't pulling that game in somewhere that they can feed it into your cable system, you're not going to get it. 


That said - Verizon's customer service is uninformed and seemingly impotent to do much of anything. 


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I appreciate you posting your conversation and I agree this is terrible service. Is there a email or number where I can call to also complain? Although I think the rest of their games on our other stations. 
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Yeah, I was told on Friday by some moronic customer support person that the PSU game would definitely be on in Philadelphia...what a Flippen lie...not only that but my B10 Network does not come in clearly. I am still getting pixelations and sound interruptions every few seconds. I have been told it is a network problem that they are trying to fix but am starting to believe that is a load of crap...this problem is specific to the B10 network and not any other station, either way it is total crap...this is the worst service I have ever had. Comcast is looking better and better with each day that goes by and new problems arise with Verizon, their terrible service, and their {word filter} poor customer support...
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I absolutely agree with your editing of any offensive matter.


That said...the thread has a very legimite question.


Can you tell us if Verizon pays any attention to customer issues on their hoted forums.


If you are the only Verizon person who monitors the forums I submit that you are failing.


Why are there sedom if any respones to the question on this or any other thread.


These folks have legitimate questions as I do.


I will wait to post my problems in another thread after the scheduled updates for northern Virginia are complete as I am unhappy at this point.



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pixed wrote:


Can you tell us if Verizon pays any attention to customer issues on their hoted forums.

Hello pixed,


This is a peer-to-peer forum, which means it is meant for members to share information and answer each other's questions. We do forward suggestions to the appropriate departments for review, so know that your suggestions and problems are being heard. 


As we say on the front page: "These Forums are a peer-to-peer support channel in which users help other users. If you need an answer from Verizon directly please Contact Us."

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You know Charlotte

It's like this, I just had to chime in. Everytime I have sent an Email to customer support, (Contact Us) it is like an automated system pulls an answer from the FAQ database. If I wanted to hear and answer from the FAQ I would go there. I have never received an answer from what seemed to be a live body. The contact us email address is {word filter avoidance}  or a joke. I love the system but must agree regarding customer service. Everytime I have tried to resolve an issue via Email I must say it's like talking to an idiot! Resolving a billing issue took months. After talking to three different supervisors, the last one I think may have fixed it. I need to wait for this months bill. The last one looked right, but I will need to see if it stays thay way. It is a shame that I needed to threaten them with switching to Comcast since VZ violated the two year Tripple Play agreement I have with them. I see that it is mostly a one way agreement. If you complain and say you are going to cancel because VZ messed up your service agreement, you are told that the early termination charge will have to be paid. If you go to the better business bureau and look up Verizon and Comcast, Verizon is not very far behind them on the number of complaints regarding customer service, and billing.

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