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Blaze TV - Gone

Contributor Federalist1961
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VerizonFios is slowly but surely burying itself.  It's customer service is non-existent.  The programming decisions like eliminating the Blaze and CRTV from Mark Levin is wrong.  Verizon's take-it-or-leave-it approach with content vendors is no different than its approach to customers.  Unfortunately, the 50+ crowd like me are a dwindling number.  Young folks don't purchase these cable contracts.  So, good luck Verizon.  You are killing the golden goose!

Contributor Morristown50
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Terrible choice to remove one of the more thoughtful channels on FIOS.  You keep dozens of stupid, mindless channels.  You are contributing to the dumbing down of America.  

Platinum Contributor III Platinum Contributor III
Platinum Contributor III
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Do you know what viewership numbers are for thsi channel?

And remember, it is not just the numbers. But cost per viewer.

If The Blaze has double the numbers of another channel but cost 5 times as much, which makes sense to drop from a business perspective?
And the fact that most cable providers do not carry this content should say something as well IMHO.

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Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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Yes, because i'm going to lend tremendous credence to politico and adweek both of which lean politically left.  By the way, the p. piece makes it sound so significant that they have surpassed Fox News - - big whoop.  Anyone with sense knows why that is (if it is actually true in the first place) it is the elephant in the room nobody desires to talk about: the foolish decision by Murdoch's sons to oust O'Reilly.  So, it's not that MSNBC is really performing stellar, they are still [expletive deleted] it's just that Greg Gutfeld is not enough star power to carry the day for Fox.  By the way, that is not to be taken as an insult by Greg. 

He's doing the best he can, but gosh darn it, he's only one [1] person. 


Anyway, thanks for playing, but, better luck next time.




Copper Contributor qjill
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Does anyone know if the Blaze is still being offered in the "custom" TV packages? We wanted to switch to one of the "news" packages, but dont want to sign up for a 2 year contract if they can just eliminate channels.

Copper Contributor Luicee2
Copper Contributor
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I will just give you the benefit of the doubt that you are just assuming you know the Blaze’s ratings...

MSNBC, CNBC, and yes, even CNN fall below them...

i don’t see MSNBC or CNBC being dropped. this move is purely political.

cutting Disney would save money,

theBlaze runs on a shoestring budget..they cannot be super expensive to carry this is a political move, with the election cycle warming up

it’s also a bigoted one, just like when FIOS dropped RFDTV the same week they okayed a second channel for HD with them...now THAT was a cheap station!

they handed it off to Logo which failed, rather quickly..and had to change its programming to royalty free reruns inside of six months.

going from a rural network to a LGBTQ+ targeted one was pure prejudice.

before theBlaze became a network, they tried to buy Al Gore’s network when he put it up for sale... he sold it to  Al Jazeera. For less than theBlaze bid. Way less.

and then, Al .jazeera stiffed him on the agreed price...by $65M!

instand Karma anyone?

now, when theBlaze gets its network going, hits it’s stride, merges with a competitor, and seems primed to become a full fledged media outlet, FIOS pulls the plug.

they can cry poverty all they want, but they kept the pricey Disney...I waited until the very last minute to renew my current contract, because I was unhappy with the service, a service I have had almost a decade, less than 50 days ago, I renewed, after specifically asking if theBlaze would be in the channel lineup.

i know companies have fine print.

if I can find another broadband speed in the area that equals FIOS, I am paying the penalty and being done with a decade of FIOS, DONE!

Copper Contributor Luicee2
Copper Contributor
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Um, if that were true, there are dozens of channels with less viewers than the.blaze.

MSNBC, CNBC for starters..and most nights that beat out CNN as well.

talk about saving money!

Contributor UTMan
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Contributor Tomdadof7
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I two will be switching from Verizon the blaze offers a lot of great content 

Copper Contributor SyossetCustomer
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My family is disgusted that VZ has dropped BlazeTV and are looking to switching to SlingTV or DISH network where BlazeTV is available for only $5. We were looking forward to the merger with CRTV bringing in tons of new content to the channel on Fios. My family is now looking at dropping all services from Verizon including phone and internet. We are paying $225/mo for outdated internet speeds, overpriced boxes and DVR that are more than a decade old and a phone that nobody uses. Removing The Blaze after cutting a multi-hundred million dollar deal with far-left Disney is the final straw.


Verizon FiOS lost over 150,000 customers last year and now you're going to lose even more. Optimum also just sent me a personal ad telling us they now have 1 gigbit internet service available in my area for $5 less than Fios. They also brag that their fiber internet goes directly into your house and their wi-fi service is superior to Verizon's. 


One thing we are considering is getting both a Directv Now and SlingTV subscriptions for cheaper than what a Fios TV subscription costs. DirecTV offers HBO for $5 and SlingTV offers BlazeTV for $5. 

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