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Buzzr TV

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@jhuster wrote:

Buzzr has updated their channel listings for Washington, DC and has removed FiOS from the options. Only Comcast and OTA is now listed. 


Thanks a lot, Verizon.

I am in VHO4.

I just noticed that Buzzr is on channel 484.

Probably the same for anyone else in DC area.

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In Los Angeles, Buzzr is on channel 461.  Thank you FIOS.

Copper Contributor jjc927
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Just noticed that Buzzr is now on Fios in the New York City area on channel 487.  Anyone know when it was added?

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buzzr tv is on fios now all the old game shows is on  check out go to buzzr.org  ok  also game show network is closed down soon buzzr game show network in the works from buzzr new tic tack dough wink mardale is commimg back and old new tresure hunt with geff edwards is comming back to buzzr because all about the chase and other game show on gsn will be move to buzzr soon be no longer really shows just game shows some game shows be place soon list all right now tatttales is be off soon and super password too be be new web site your choice what games shows like see on buzzr lets make deal with monty hall is stay on 1 show on buzzr family fied no 2 about steve harvey is be move to buzzr too other games shows is comming on to buzzr soon buzzr owns by wwortv in new york city thank you wwortv for doing this move in new york city i be watch it is great games shows comming back in big way end of trash tv is over watch of big networks makes so me big moves soon big back game shows by this winter could be end trash tv and other talk shows the view is be cancel  soon and nbc is going cancel 10 am today show and other shows for new games shows cbs has 2 the talk is be cancel soon abc going cancel rachel ray and other shows about dr phil is bew cancel soon cbs and nbc abc what games shows back on soon like tell the truth and new password show new match game and new tresure hunt is be in works new jokers wild be in works new tick tack dough is be in works  what out for lot of cancel lot of shows nbc and cbs abc what those shows cancel soon b ring back games shows found soon

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