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CSN+ HD (DC/Baltimore area)

CSN+ HD (DC/Baltimore area)

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Tonight is the first Caps game on CSN+, but still no HD for Howard County. I suppose we should be thankful that we're finally getting CSN+. Now that's it's available in HD, how long will we have to wait?

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This is exceptionally annoying... It would be great if we found out why Fios can't seem to broadcast this feed in HD... we got the MASN 2 games in HD earlier this summer?


you can't tell me that the Nats have a bigger following than the Caps in this city....






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Location: Richmond, VA
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Some of us got MASN2 in HD. Most of the region does not have FiOS1, and never saw a MASN2 game in HD. Those of us without FiOS1 get CSN+ on channel 334. In any case, they need to fix this. Verizon is now behind both Comcast and Cox, who both carry every game in HD.

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Location: Richmond, VA
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Since adding this HD channel is an issue once again, you can register an offcial vote for the idea here.

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Thank you for bringing this up.  I've been trying to find someone within Verizon to lodge a complaint with, but to no avail.  Surprise!  Transferred to tech support, etc.  Someone from Verizon please address this.  I heard Cox in Fairfax Co has CSN+ in HD.  When my contract expires next month, I will strongly consider switching over.  As much as I like Fios, the service at Verizon is HORRIBLE.  My past experience w/ Cox was much better.

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I live in Charles County and just got FIOS a back in September. Got rid of Directv.  I did not know that I would be going back to watching hockey in SD with CSN+. We get CSN+ on CH1 and 501 here in Cahrles county MD. SD on 1 and HD on 501 or what should be HD. All the games on 501 are the SD feed with FIOS HD bars on both sides. I know 501 one is a HD CH because some of the normal programming on this CH is in HD. All Verizon has to do is broadcast the HD feed from Comcast and we would be good but who knows how long that will take. From what I read on a few older posts on here, it took over a year just to get CSN + carried in most markets.





In the decade of HD and 3D I am still watching sports in SD because my Television Company and content providers cant get their act together.

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Location: Richmond, VA
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I saw the last Caps game on CSN+ HD at a bar, and while the picture was better than CSN+ at home, it just wasn't as sharp as CSN HD. Not that we would have the channel yet anyway, but it looks like the current CSN+ HD picture would not meet Verizon's quality standards. I remember seeing baseball games on MASN2 HD last summer (not at home, of course), and the picture was every bit as good as MASN HD. I don't have FiOS1 where I live, but the poor picture quality may explain why even that channel doesn't carry the CSN+ feed in HD.

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Location: Richmond, VA
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CSN+ HD appeared yesterday on channel 575. I'm guessing this is for the areas without FiOS1. If you have FiOS1 HD on channel 501, keep us posted if Friday's game shows up in HD for you.

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Location: Richmond, VA
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CSN's website at lists channel 501 as CSN+ HD for Northern Virginia and Maryland counties bordering Washington, DC. All other areas including Richmond, Baltimore, Anne Arundel County, and Hampton Roads are all listed as channel 575. Maybe Verizon just delayed showing the HD games on channel 501 because they didn't want to launch the channel only for some areas in the footprint. They had a few complaints when they did that for MASN2 HD last summer.

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The Caps/Rangers game was not broadcast in HD on Channel 501 in Montgomery County, MD.  Still in SD....

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