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Can't login to HBO GO

Can't login to HBO GO

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I get an error telling me I am not subscribed to HBO/FiOS TV/FiOS Internet. Anyone else get the same results?


(I actually am subscribed to these services)

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Location: RI
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I had the same issue last night when I tried to register for it.  Not sure what the problem is..

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The local Verizon office had a demonstraition on the HBO-Go this afternoon. looks cool.


The things that they say that are required....


1. Must have Verizon Fios Internet

2. Must have Verizon Fios TV + HBO subscription

3. Must have a valid username and password



Here's the catch I found when I tried to sign up. You must be using your "primary" verizon username. You cannot sign up with a sub acct. Now once your primary id registers, THEN you sub accts will work. I never use my primary so I didnt think to use it. I just used my sub that I use everyday. So check that.



Also, HBO-Go only went live today, so it wouldnt let you sign in last night. Try again now as it is live.



One other thing I discovered that I dont like. HBO-Go only allows for 1 streaming video at a time. So if I'm streaming a Movie or show and my girlfried tries it will error out. Even if I am on my primary and she is on the sub. Only one stream per "acct" is allowed. At least with netflix I can stream all I want. But I'm not going to complain too loud for an additional free service added to what I already have. Smiley Wink


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Beyond HBO GO, what other online content is provided if I sign up for FiOS TV?  Is there a listing online of what's available?

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sage wrote:

Beyond HBO GO, what other online content is provided if I sign up for FiOS TV?  Is there a listing online of what's available?


Actually, Verizon doesnt really have any online content at all. The online content is offered by several of the channels that Verizon carries and they offer their online content to Verizon customers. Right now the only ones I know are....



  • HBO-Go (if you subscribe to Verizon TV, Verizon Internet, and HBO)
  • NBC is offering free access to the Olympics via streaming and other online content. (again if you subscribe to both Verizon TV and Verizon internet)
  • The EPIX channel has a lot of online content if you subscribe to that channel.



Those are the only ones that I know of at this time.


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Location: Lewisville, TX
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Same issue here...


I have Verizon FiOS internet.

I have Verizon FiOS TV + HBO subscription

I used my primary username


But logging in to the HBO GO site says "Single Sign-On Error...To watch movies, you will need to subscribe to FiOS TV with HBO and FiOS Internet".


I do have the old Extreme HD package with HBO/Cinemax added.  Maybe it requires the Ultimate HD package?    Or, since they just launched the service, they may not have all the bugs worked out...

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Location: RI
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Still doesn't work for me..grr!!!!!!!!!

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Finally got it to work! Smiley Very Happy

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I have been having problems signing in... if I go to and click sign in, it prompts me for my FIOS username and password, and then tells me that it's incorrect. However, if I go to the FIOS site and log in there (using the same username and password that hbogo tells me is incorrect), it logs me in. If I leave that tab open and go to on another tab, when I click sign in it logs me in without me having to put in the password. The window comes up and then goes away. I guess it's smart enough to know I'm currently logged in to FIOS? Doesn't make much sense that the same password works in one place and not the other.
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I also can't login to, I am a Fios TV / Internet user with HBO subscribed. I am on a new computer so I know that isn't the issue. 

I get ID / Password is incorrect, however in another tab I am logged into the verizon site looking at my bill so I know the login works. I am the account holder in my house, no one else has login. So I guess it just doesn't work.

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