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Can't login to HBO GO

Can't login to HBO GO

Nickel Contributor
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There's nothing for you to setup.  You have a e-mail whether you use it or not.  As I said before, like you, I too was able to login to HBO Go before and now I can't.  What I didn't realize was that I logged in with my .net id, not my .com id.  Thankfully, I can still login with the .net id


BTW, I can't use my .net ID to login to the forums anymore.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that this is acceptable in any way, but I sure don't have time to waste with V* to get everything to work with both IDs or to actually merge my accounts.  I know that at some point, I'll probably be forced into this, but for now, I'll deal with managing to IDs.


Check out this thread if it still seems like a different language:


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Lo and Behold!  HBO GO worked today.  So the formula is to wait for a verizon update, give them a couple of weeks to fix the screw ups they caused in that update, and then continue using a feature.  Seems to be true for everything except media manager, which they will never get working properly.  And if they do, I'll always be too scared to try it again.


BTW, still watching the clock on my bundle duration.  Seriously considering changing just for NFL Redzone.  Making me pay more for that when I subscribe to every possible package is a slap in the face.

Nickel Contributor
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Not to be whiny, but it's partially fixed.  If you login with your .com account, you should no longer see messages about subscribing to a package you already have.  If you subscribe to HBO and click the HBO Go link it now redirects you to the HBO Go site and logs you in without prompting for anoter ID. 


However, if you go directly to the HBO Go site, you'll need to use the V* ID you used to register for HBO Go, most likely the v*.net id.  In my case, when I go direct to HBO Go, I have to use the V*.net id and password.  If I login through v*.com, i can use either of my IDs to launch HBO Go.


Since HBO Go is a third-party system, I understand this current disconnect, but it sure would have been appreciated if this was communicated by V* more effectively.

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HBO Go was working for me for weeks. Then I upgraded my account to the Ultimate HD. I tried logging in to HBO GO and get the error,

To watch movies, you will need to subscribe to HBO.
Order HBO online now.


How can Verizon be allowed to stay in business if they can't get something so simple correct? 


This is the SINGLE most frustrating experience I've had. Verizon is worse than a Utility Company. At least with my power company, I get a competent person on the phone that can actually help. 


Does anyone from Verizon monitor this forum, or is this just a place to allow "the customer" to vent and theoretically "feel better"?

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I am having this same problem. I am a Fios subscriber, have HBO/Cinemax/Shotime/Starz etc. and nope... I cannot at all sign up for an HBO GO account. It's pretty frustrating, please advise.

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I subscribe to HBO and when I try to sign in to HBO GO it says that I am not a subscriber. Verizon is absolutely terrible. All they care about is signing you up for Fios and then you are on your own. They have the worst costumer service. A toil for Verizon, when someone calls their support line with a problem an automatic message should come up telling the customer to go to google and figure it out. anyway, does anyone know how to get HBO GO to work?
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I  had the exact same problem and felt the EXACT same way.  But then I realized that you have to login into comcast or Verizon, which ever one you get the HBO through.  Then, you'll be directed to another page and you have to choose a new id and use a separate email.  I don't know why, but this is how I was finally able to log in!

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You have to use the username and password that successully logs you into your Verizon email account at this URL:


If you signed up for Fios service before Verizon make their annoying account update and forced you to choose a new username, then this could be the username that you had on the old verizon account and not the username you use to log into your Verizon account now.


If you don't remember that username, go to the URL above and select 'forgot username' or 'forgot username and password' and you can recover that old username.


Try that when logging into HBO GO.


Yes, this is totally stupid and annoying and Verizon should fix it but it did work for me. Hope it works for you.

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i still can't sign in.  i've tried logging in from the verizon site as well, and i get the same msg. it asks me if i want to sign up for hbo online, when i click yes, it tells me i can't b/c i'm already signed up for hbo. 

this is the first msg i get:  to watch movies, you will need to subscribe to hbo.  order hbo online now.


then i get this: Your existing subscription does not qualify you to purchase this package.


i never changed my user name, and i have fios telephone/internet/cable and have the package with hbo/showtime/tmc/cinemax. 

i get the same msg rather going directly to hbogo website or verizon website

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I have the same issue - can't login to HBO GO. It was working fine up to 3 weeks ago, a  couple of channels were added to my package, and now nothing works. Customer Service cannot get this fixed. What is the deal here?

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