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Center Ice on Fios.

Center Ice on Fios.

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First off let me apologize ahead of time if my rant is put in the wrong forum.  I am basically writing about my experience as a guide in case someone else is looking for the same thing I was...



I switched over to Fios from DirecTV with one stipulation.  I would have full access to HD broadcasts of Center Ice.  I was told repeatedly that Fios has Center Ice and I would have no issues watching all my games in HD.


Wrong!  I cannot stress how upset I am over the measly 1 or (if lucky) 2 games in HD that get broadcast on a regular basis.  Thats if I am lucky enough to watch the game at ALL!  further more the biggest issue I have is blackouts.


When I was on DirecTV, I would get a game blacked out every once in a while when my team played the Rangers or the Sabres.  But I was able to watch the game on MSG.  Since moving to Fios I have games from 4 teams blacked out, with no way to watch them anywhere else!


The biggest one is the NJ Devil games.  When my team plays the Devils I always get blacked out.  Fios guide shows the devils game on MSG +2  every time.  But when I switch to that channel it has been Poker instead.  I called Verizon and asked why the game gets blacked out on Center Ice and MSG with no other options (By the way I never had Devil games blacked out on DirecTV Center Ice).  They answered with "We do not know why MSG blocked its feed."


I have switched service, paid for a package, and have missed more games in a half year due to blackouts than I have in 3 years on DirecTV.  I am extremely disapointed, especially with the lack of knowledge and concern from Verizon themselves.  I signed a contract under false promise and for that I will never forgive Verizon.





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Sorry to hear about the upset with the blackouts. We have no control over what is to be blacked out. You can view the blackout schedule as well as have information for what other channel the game may be playing on at


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Yeah, that link never works for me.  It always says no information for your area.  Also according to the guide I should see those games, but the listed channel just does not show anything that the guide says it is showing.


And of course I am going to miss the game again tonight.  I wish I would have never switched from DirecTV.  I never missed a game, which is funny because they have to play by the same blackout rules Verizon does...



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