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Channel Guide Listings

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I wish verizon FIOS would upgrade the interactive guide.  For example on WCVB channel 5 at 10;00 a.m. the guide says The Martha Stewart Show  but in fact The Bonnie Hunt Show is in that time slot.  I also wish the guide had more information about the indivdual episodes and guests on the veriety shows and news magazines.
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Verizon gets their guide information from a company called FYI.  I heard the contract may be up next year so hopefully either they will do it in house, or have a better company do it.
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There is another recent thread here about this same subject, and one of the Verizon reps posted a reply recently that they are not going to change the supplier, so we are going to have to live with what we have. You can find FYI on the internet, there is a contact email address, at least one poster here sent them an error report and actually got an email response. I sent one, got no response. But if we all did that, maybe, just maybe, they would make a greater effort to be correct (probably not, but it can't hurt...).


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So despite plenty of us complaining, of a vast majority of people hating it, Verizon isn't responding to our complaints.  Despite the fact that customers are complaining.  Customers, you know Verizon, the folks who actually give you money. I'm sure you've heard of us - you write us each month asking for some of that aforementioned money ...
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They should use Zap2It, Tribune data


It is very accurate and alot of detail and it is what Tivo uses for their guide.



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