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Channel Guide - lacking content

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Bronze Contributor II
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Re: Channel Guide - lacking content

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@jmcohen23 wrote:

however, my wife sets up her reminders on her outlook e-mail program (or you could set one upon your phone).

IC - I'd rather have it built in to FIOS, thus allowing it to automatically remind us that one of our favorite shows is on,instead of having to resort to external means of reminding us.

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Re: Channel Guide - lacking content

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I agree whole heartily. Time-Warner has better movie content. I have sent my concerns re: this problem to Verizon but did not get a satisfactory response. If more people contacted Verizon,maybe we would get some action!
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Re: Channel Guide - lacking content

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I have to totally agree with these comments. I switched from directv and have had FIOS for about a month.  I find the entire process labor intensive, especially when it comes to the DVR.  With directv, once you added something to your dvr as a season pass, you could go to that listing and pull up a schedule of all the upcoming shows with titles and full descriptions. With FIOS I either have to go find the show in the guide or go to the menu search function. 

Also, with the DVR, if you go to your shows that are scheduled to record, you don't get titles, only a brief either have to go back to the guide or to the search function for more information. However, once they have recorded, then there is all the information you want...that same information should be on both choices, the scheduled to record and recorded. 

As someone else stated, the search function is highly lacking. When I input letters of what I'm looking for, it doesn't "drill down" as it should, it just brings up more choices with the letters all over the place...and then I have to go deeper and deeper to find all the upcoming shows and then guess if they are new.  It is very frustratng to see shows that I know are not NEW yet they are listed as NEW.  For instance, JAG on Sleuth, it's been off the air for many years yet the program information lists ALL the episodes as NEW.  Maybe if you've been asleep for the past 10 years!  And who writes those descriptions....


Another thing I miss is being able to save searches.  I look for some of the same things often and each time, I have to input the same information. 


The last thing I really dislike is the highlighted large info on the one channel on the guide. I personaly would rather have more information for each channel that is listed within the space (or more channels per screen) rather than one highlighted...and why can't there be more time than 90 minutes.  You should have the option of setting it; if you have an older or smaller tv, then yeah, 90 minutes makes sense, but with my widescreen, at least 3 hours could fit.



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