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Comcast Sportsnet Channel (Philadelphia)

Comcast Sportsnet Channel (Philadelphia)

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Well as I said, out of all of the professional sports (eagles, flyers, phillies etc), roughly 10 or so games between them all are on CN8.  Yeh, I wish there was a solution for this, like vz getting comcast to "share", but I don't know if that will ever happen...unless vz was to all of a sudden get all the broadcasting rights to the sports teams in our city of brotherly love...but I don't think that's going to happen.


Verizon duped me into thinking I would get all the phillies games on CSN, but now that the Flyers and 76ers are in the playoffs, the Phillies will be bumped to CN8,  thus not available on FIOS.    There will be MORE than 10 games on CN8, and that stinks......     Bob

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Not the way the Flyers are playing right now. =/
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I am a new FiOS customer, and have been having major problems with customer service via phone in regards to CSN Philadelphia.. I found this thread and am hoping that you will be able to help me out.


I was told upon installation (by the FiOS Technician who did the install) that my area (Plainsboro, NJ 08536) DOES get CSN PHL. When I first turned on my TV, CSN PHL was on the menu Ch. 75, however the programming never matched the description. I reset the box, and now I have no Ch. 75 and no CSN PHL.


However, I did receive a recent message on my FiOS menu about the NBA and NHL playoffs and how they would effect the the Phillies games because they were moved to CN8.


Bottom line is... am I supposed to receive CSN PHL in my area? For some reason no one on the phone at Verizon can give me a straight answer, and I am beyond frustrated without being able to watch my Phils...


Any answer you could give me would be much appreciated. Thanks for your help.



Location: New Jersey
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According to your zip code, you are in the NY region and you are unable to be fed that channel. You have SportsNet NY 77 - HD 577.  Only way that you would be able to watch Phillies out-of-region would be the MLB Extra-Innings package from iNDemand. 

Sadly, there would be no way to feed you CSN or any philly channel for that matter since you are out of a different video hub office.

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I have the same exact issue. CN8 isn't even an option and I am in 19075 zip, about 10 miles from philly. I get the stinking YES network out of NYC but I can't get CN8??? I had the customer service tell me Comcast blacked them out....yeah ok.  I hope this goes away after the 76rs get bumped out....


Off Topic but is the baseball package in HD?

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 CN8.  Just basketball on CSN and Hockey on VS.


I am in 19006 and love my fios but Im getting a little worried about which Phillies game I will be able to see and whivh one I won't.


Can u clear this up for me.?


My kid wants comcast back.





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The MLB package has one HD channel for some reason and the rest are on SD channels.


CN8 is a channel only offered by comcast.  The only reason Phillies are playing on it is because of the playoffs.

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I am currently looking into getting Verizon Fios. However, I have a few questions.


I have read on here that Verizon does offer the Comcast Sportsnet Channel which is good because we are a big sports family. However, I am still a bit unclear when it comes to CN8. It seems to me that is a Comcast only channel. When Phillies, Flyers, or Sixers games are overlapped, one is put on CSN and the other CN8.


An example would be if the Flyers are on CSN and the Phillies are on CN8, does Verizon have a channel where their customers can see that Phillies game? In addition, some University of Delaware football games are televised on CN8, would that be offered to any Verizon customers as well?


Thank you for your time.

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Yes, CSN Philly is available on FIOS TV.


Now, in regards to CN8, FIOS TV does NOT currently carry this station. So, your assumption is correct. In April, when the Flyers and Sixers were in the playoffs, any Phils game that got bumped to CN8 FIOS TV customers were unable to watch.


From what i've been told, FIOS could get this channel, and the powers at be are aware of it and customer demand, but it has not been added as of yet.

For the rest of the spring / summer this won't be an issue...but it could come into play again in the fall. 

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PSUMatt, thank you for your response. That was very helpful. Hopefully, the powers that be will listen to the customers and get the channel and soon.
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