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Comcast Sportsnet Plus (DC)

Comcast Sportsnet Plus (DC)

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Location: Richmond, VA
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Is anyone in the Washington area with VHO4 getting CSN+ yet? The overflow programming starts on Saturday 10-10, and VHO9  in Richmond still has MASN2 (showing ESPNEWS forever and ever) on channel 1. Verizon carried CSN+ on VHO4 last year, but I don't think it was anywhere else. Since I know there's a carriage agreement in place, I'm hoping to see CSN+ arrive on VHO9 and VHO9a this year. Smiley Mad

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Location: Richmond, VA
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I just spent about 30 minutes on the phone with Verizon trying to ask for this channel. First, the call taker didn't know what it was. She transferred me to a guy in the "fiber solutions center", who didn't know what I was talking about, and even tried resetting my boxes because he somehow got the idea that I wasn't getting some channels. I explained to him that I was merely asking for a channel, and he started that old line "let's see, we carry ESPN and.....". No, I told him that all I wanted to do was make a simple carriage request for a channel that's carried on VHO4, but not VHO9 or VHO9a. The guy then told me that he didn't know what a VHO was, so I explained it to him. After several minutes back and forth on hold, he came back and told me that I needed to call my local business office at 410-265-0577. I asked him if there was a simple request that he could make to someone, and he said no. I had to call this number.

I called the next number, and I was put on hold again. When this guy came back, he said that he did not know of a way to submit a channel request, but he would look in to it. He said something about adding the channel if there's a demand for it, but how can there be demand if anytime someone calls about it, they're sluffed off and told that there's no way to make a request????

I've sent PM's to a couple employees on this board about this, and have not even gotten a response from them.


Wow....this is enraging!

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about the only way to request a channel that is not currently carried by Verizon. Is to post it here. Most of the people that you talk to on the phone will have no way to submit your request. Especially those guys in the "fiber solution center". they are tech support and dont have access to any ordering or request systems. If you are supposed to get it, and dont, they can fix it (ok no rubs from the peanut gallery here) but they cant request new content. And most of the people at the orders department, dont even know the channels they already carry let alone ones that they dont. The guys here on the board are above average. They dont get paid to be here but they still visit and help out of the goodness of their hearts and most seem to be really up on their game. So the post you made here about the channel will get up the chain eventually and slowly but it will go. But even then, dont hold your breath, Verizon is very slow at adding more channels. Even the ones with a huge request (I.E. BBC America HD). But rest assured has been requested on your behalf.


Error exists between keyboard and chair.
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Location: Richmond, VA
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Thanks for the info. I didn't think it would be such a big deal to get it since CSN+ is carried by Verizon elsewhere in the CSN footprint. I got both channels with Comcast, but I'm not going to switch and go back in time with cable.

It would help customer service-wise if the CSR's were simply able to submit new channel requests for customers. Verizon has a very bad reputation for bad customer service, which (by my experience) they deserve. Simple things like this could help the service experience for a lot of people.

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Last year when there were conflicting schedules with the wizards and caps and they shoved the caps on CSN+ they would usually put it on channel 1, not sure if there is actually a CSN+ channel by it's self.

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Location: Richmond, VA
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Where are you? It doesn't appear that this will be the case for Richmond VHO9. There was no CSN+ on channel 1 last Saturday when it showed college football, just the endless feed of ESPNEWS and the channel was still listed as MASN2.

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Location: Richmond, VA
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There's a DC United game on CSN+ tonight. There was no sign of it at home, but it was on the alternate channel at work where they have Comcast. I'm not really that concerned until hockey is on at the end of the month, but I'm hoping someone at Verizon is seeing this thread and seeing that Comcast has them beat on this one.

Can anyone tell me if the soccer game is on channel 1 on Verizon's DC area system?

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As a huge Washington Caps fan here in Howard County, MD, I have become HIGHLY irritated that I am missing games now.  One last week and two this upcoming weekend!  What gives?!  Can someone please tell me why we do not get CSN+?  It's absurd to think that Montgomery County has it, but we do not!?  I really want answers here.  And if I officially need to request this channel, well here it is:


Per my information above, I am OFFICIALLY requesting that I / we in Howard County start receiving CSN+.  Thank you.

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Plan: FIOS
Location: Harford County
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I have been a long time Directv customer, since 1995.  I switched to FIOS yesterday 11-3-2009 to find out the FIOS in Harford County or Baltimore County does not carry CSN+.  I am not happy.  I see the the guide list 3 CSN channels 76, 576 (HD), and 1525 (which shows the exact samething as ch 76).  One of the reasons for switching to FIOS was the VS conflict with Directv.  Now I find out that I will miss more Washington Capitals games by having FIOS.

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Location: Howard Co. MD
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I just spent a LONG time on the phone with Verizon and spoke to a couple different people. The second guy really knew what he was talking about. Here is the answer:


CSN+ and MASN2 are no longer available to us in Howard Co.  Period. He was very definitive about it.



FiOS Howard county customers lost CSN+ and MASN2 in the recent channel shuffle. There is now nothing carried on channels 1 through 7. I asked if we would get them back and he said he saw nothing in the long term planning that shows CSN+ Mid Atlantic or MASN2 returning. I asked if he was sure and he said yes, he has access to all programming planning going forward for "several months."


He suggested I subscribe to NHL Center Ice.


I further asked who I could talk to in terms of giving feedback to management. He said there's no mechanism for doing that to have any effect on programming. He said they determine programming through surveys and if they dropped CSN+ then "there was a reason for it" based on their surveys.


So we're hosed. I strongly suggest that if you want hockey/basketball on CSN+ and/or baseball on MASN+ you should call during business hours. When you finally manage to explain the difference between CSN and CSN+ (lol) and they tell you they don't see it listed, you should ask to talk to someone who can tell you if there are plans to carry it. They will pass you on to the billing dept. That is where I got to talk to the guy who knew what he was talking about.


Please be sure to be polite. They are not the decision makers; they're just Verizon employees doing their jobs.




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