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Comcast Sportsnet Plus (DC)

Comcast Sportsnet Plus (DC)

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I am starting to wonder if Verizon even cares about their customers request for this. A reply from them like "We are looking into it" sure would be nice.


Verizon your silence is deafening. Smiley Sad

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I am requesting that COMCAST Sports Net + be added to the channel line-up in Prince George's County, MD. As a Capitals fan, I am missing games by this channel's exclusion. Why would you have COMCAST Sports Net but not Sports Net + ?  If I had thought SportsNet + was not in line-up, I would have stuck with COMCAST as my TV and internet provider.

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Please CSN+ to channel lineup (in Howard county). Missing a lot of CAPS games and I'll seriously consider switching the services if this channel is NOT added anytime soon. 

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Location: Richmond, VA
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This Saturday's WSH - TOR game will be shown nationally in Canada on CBC, across the U.S. on NHL Network, and you guessed it- regionally on CSN+. Everyone else in North America will be able to watch this game except for most of us in the DC region with Verizon FiOS.

If Verizon is scrambling to find a way to add this channel now, it sure would have been nice if they would have listened in May when I first started asking about it. I think I was just sluffed off at the time as one guy asking for a channel that no one else cared about.

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Location: Richmond, VA
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I just had to add that I stopped by my local Verizon store in downtown Richmond, VA. This isn't a cell phone store, but a FiOS store that was required in the local franchise agreement. I got some updated channel lineups, and did a "by the way, how come Verizon doesn't carry Comcast Sportsnet Plus?"

Now, I never thought that a Verizon rep could be less helpful in person than over the phone, but I was wrong. He just shrugged his shoulder and said "I don't know, those decisions are made at a higher pay grade than mine". Okay, so is there a way to ask for a new channel here? No. He said "they add channels based on more people wanting them", so then I asked him how they know that when there's no way to ask for them. He shrugged the shoulder again and gave me something like "I don't know". After I explained that this channel was on when there was more than one live game, he said "all I can tell you is to get NBA League Pass". When I told him that these games are blacked out since the channel is available locally, he shrugged the shoulder again and talked about how many more channels they have than Comcast. That's very true, but Verizon lacks quite a few live games. Shoulder shrug again...


I just kind of stood there for a few seconds, shocked that this guy had nothing productive to tell me. Thanks for nothing. Verizon's customer service seems to be absolutely awful on every level.

Location: Richmond VA
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The Wizards play tonight on CSN+. Will I be able to see the game in Richmond, sadly not. Nor will I be able to watch the Caps tomorrow, also on CSN+. Come on Fios, for markets that have CSN, they're going to need CSN+ as well. It's not that difficult.

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It is so frustrating that I have to log into a friends slingbox with Directv just to be able to watch the Caps games.  If Verizon refuses to/"can't" add CSN+ the least they could do is not block out the game on either NHL Network or Center Ice. 

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Location: Richmond, VA
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The problem is that Verizon has no control over NHL blackout restrictions. The only way for us to see these games is for Verizon to provide CSN+ to us, which they DO have control over.

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Location: Richmond, VA
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There's a mention on the Comcast Sportsnet page at Wikipedia about this controversy too-


Verizon should be embarrassed that they are the only major provider in the region without this channel. I've mentioned before that it's a great product otherwise.

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Location: Richmond, VA
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I finally found a news article about this, and it doesn't look too promising-


Verizon spokeswoman Christy Reap emails:

"We continue to work on making CSN+ content available to customers in the parts of the D.C. area that do not get our FiOS1 channel, which is currently the only place FiOS customers can watch these games.  We are working with Comcast to make this happen, but, unfortunately, it’s unlikely it will happen this season.  We continue to offer a lot of other hockey content available on other channels, including games airing on local channels, CSN on channels 76 and 576 (HD), Versus on channels 90 and 590 (HD) and the NHL Network on channels 87 and 587(HD).  And we hope to be able to bring customers all of the Caps games in the future."

The article goes on to explain that while MASN2 was able to be shown as a continuous channel all summer, showing CSN+ games are "technically, a bit trickier" since it's not a constant feed.


Another blog that doesn't exactly paint a good picture is at but the boards here do get an honorable mention.

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