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Comcast trial of Internet TV On Demand

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Bronze Contributor II
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Comcast trial of Internet TV On Demand

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They have signed up 24 video providers for this test.


On Demand over IP TV


Isn't FiOS ALL IPTv using Fiber?  Why isn't FiOS doing something innovative like this?  Their network was DESIGNED for this kind of thing!

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Re: Comcast trial of Internet TV On Demand

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It has nothing to do with what you are talking about. Comcast is letting TV subscribers access shows on the internet, not IPTV.
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Re: Comcast trial of Internet TV On Demand

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And NO FiOS is not all IPTV.  Only thier VOD is IP.  All other channels are RF over fiber.
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Re: Comcast trial of Internet TV On Demand

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How is Comcast going to determine IP TV over regular internet useage? I seem to remember some bogus CAP that prevent's their users from Netflix and other providers. Like if it isn't Comcast and you don't pay us for content, you can't view it. Or you can until you reach the CAP, then you have to pay us more or we cut you off. Seems like they are trying to catch up with FIOS.


Fios has always been QAM over fiber, and not IP for all their channels. Video on Demand is IP with FIOS, but the IP is on a totally different wavelenght on the fiber then their regular TV programming. Their is a limit on how many frequencies can be carried over coax. So with everyone connected to the same coax and a CAP on bandwith usesage I think this is marketing hype. Lets see how many wavelenghts of light can you carry over fiber. FIOS TV went to market with existing QAM STB technology utilizing IP for features like channel guides and Video On Demand. Now if FIOS was to go all IP at a later date, I am sure they would have much more bandwith with fiber. Right now it is my understanding that FIOS uses 1310 up and 1490 down for Voice and IP, with 1510 for TV. Now pick a few others and see what you can fit later. More then coax I can assure you.


Also FIOS is starting to allow Internet content through the STB, so Comcast has nothing over FIOS.

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