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DSL Speed Vs FIOS ??

DSL Speed Vs FIOS ??

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Can someone who switched from DSL to fiber optic tell me if the speed picked up on FIOS???


Thanks, Ken

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Silver Contributor V
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Depends on the package but generally its quite a bit faster.


When I first swiched the regular DSL package was 1.5 mb download and I think 384kb upload in my areas (some other areas had 3.0 mb download).   The most commonly pitched Fios package I believe is 15/5 mb.


20/20 mb and 35/35 mb are also commonly available.  When I added FIOSTV I also switched to the 35/35 mb package as they were offereing a lot of free extras for the tv package in that bundle.

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Gold Contributor II
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The middle package now is actually 25/25, but "tns" is right on the money in terms of the speed.


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This really belongs on the FiOS Internet board, but here is my experience.


Well over five years ago I switched from DSL to FiOS. 1.5 Mbps for DSL to 15 Mbps fiber. 10 times faster, and the difference was like day and night. 15 Mbps consistently, unlike cable that slows down in peak periods. I started with the 15/2 plan when FiOS first launched in my area. The slowest FiOS speed offered when I signed up was the 5/2 plan. I went with the 15/2 because I wanted to see a big difference in speed. It became 20/5 plan which I stayed with for 5 years. This year I switched to 35/35.


If you are switching from 1.5 DSL, I would say even the slowest FiOS speed is going to be a big difference. I would say pick a bundle that offers the speed and services you need. It will save you money. I know that DSL has really dropped in prices based on locations and providers. So cost savings can very. But speed is what you will see. Reliability is what you will also see. When the copper gets wet and line quality drops, so does your speed and reliability. But not with FiOS.

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Thanks for the insight. Yes the FIOS board would have neeb better!   Ken

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