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DVR for Life

Contributor marlenebro
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Had a very unpleasant experience with Customer Service last evening, which has me looking into alternative service.  I have everything with Verizon, including TV, Internet, Phone and Cell Phone, have been a loyal customer for well over two years, many more years with cellular service.  I recently rebundled my service and upgraded  my DVR and asked about the new promotion DVR for life.  Of course, being a current Verizon customer this does not apply to me.  WHAT????  I came right out and asked, if it was worth for them to lose me as a loyal Verizon customer and take all my services and switch to Comcast over a DVR for life and I guess it is.  They did not care, I did not qualify.  So guess who is looking elsewhere for their service? I have 30 days where I can cancel my coverage and no one seems to care.  Makes me feel like I am part of a very caring organization here.  If i cancel and then come back, I would more than likely qualify for the DVR for life, but being that I am a current loyal customer, I don't qualify.  Can you feel the love????



Gold Contributor VII
Gold Contributor VII
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Its a frustration we all experience with many of these companies, not only Verizon.  They only care about getting new customers, they don't care about keeping the existing ones happy.  


Around here our local cable company will give new customers $99 for all services then after a year its $160.  A handful of people will spend a year with each company going back and forth getting the best deal.


Its sad!!!!  I've told those people to use GMAIL instead of either providers email so they can move about without worrying about their email.



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Silver Contributor II
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Wow - nice promotion. I had been unaware of the DVR for Life attraction, and wonder if that is the life of the DVR, or the life of the customer. I confess to a twinge of envy whenever I see exclusive promotions for new customers. But then I remember that I was also "new" once, and had my own "promotion du jour" ( three months free of HBO, I think).  But on the other hand, I also believe that loyalty counts, and I formally recommend a program to award customer longevity with clearly stipulated goals which are achieved at various points. For example, at three years being a loyal client you might receive 6 months free HBO/Cinemax; at five years you might receive 12 months free DVR; and so forth. It might be fun to have everybody suggest the time points and recommended awards. I do believe that VZ could be a bit more appreciative of their client base, strictly from a PR perspective. And a retained client is one you already have. Thoughts? 

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Gold Contributor VII
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@retiredme wrote:

Wow - nice promotion. I had been unaware of the DVR for Life attraction, and wonder if that is the life of the DVR, or the life of the customer. I confess to a twinge of envy whenever I see exclusive promotions for new customers.

It is for as long as the customer maintains a triple play at their current address.  Drop the triple or move (even to a FiOS enabled area) and POOF it's gone.

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Contributor vincegh
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I am also a long term verizon customer whose 2 year contract has expired. I also asked for the free for life DVD that Verizon offers to NEW customers,but not to current users who have spent $175/mo for two years which had a DVR for $15/mo...They would not include the dvr saying it was for new customers only...I wonder who works in their marketing dept.  who came up with this decisionIIt does not make sense. Verizon are forcing me to switch to Comcast in order to get the free DVR. This is the reward for customer loyalty to Verizon. Do they think they have no competition llike the old days when they were a part of AT&T. Verizon, you have competition and I will switching !!

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