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Did anyone else just lost a whole bunch of channels?

Did anyone else just lost a whole bunch of channels?

Contributor clau22
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Hello all,


I was just curious but  did anyone else just lose a bunch of channels. I live in the Columbia, Maryland area and as of today 1/6/2013 just noticed alot of channels went to subscription based.


I lost the following:


BBC America

Nickolodeon 2

Fox Movie Channel

The Smithsonian Channel

American Travel Channel

Nat Geo Wild

History Military Channel 


I lost them without any warning and was curious if others had lost them as well. In the past we had lost the Funmation channel, ABC News, and CLOO. I was wondering if I had lost these channels because of a specific reason. 



Silver Contributor V Silver Contributor V
Silver Contributor V
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What package.  In the past many people who had earlier versions of the Extreme package lost these channels to match the current version of the package.  These may all be in the ultimate package, and some strangely are in prime and ultimate but not extreme.

Copper Contributor EFFeX
Copper Contributor
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My guide is all messed up now. I have as of today at least 20 channels showing in the guide that I'm not subscribed to. I can't flip to them though. Verizon been slipping the last few weeks.

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Silver Contributor III
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I am VH08 and am an Ultimate subscriber and I still have all those channels. Now if there was shuffling between tiers (i.e. if they were removed from Extreme/Prime, etc.), I don't have an answer for that.


As for the other poster, yes, MAV TV, Blackbelt, Blue Highways, et al. that were dropped as of 01/01/2013, while they are still showing up in the guide you cannot tune to the channels.

Copper Contributor EFFeX
Copper Contributor
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Oh Ok, hopefully they go ahead and remove them from the guide soon. It's a little annoying, lol

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