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Exercise TV On Demand FiOS

Exercise TV On Demand FiOS

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I just switch to Verizon Fios fromComcast, and the one channel I wanted was Exercise TV, I would have not switch to Verizon if I knew that Verizon was going to take this channel off. They never said a word about it , why would they, they were getting a new customer.  I am very disappointed and upset.  I feel like I am a Comcast Customer all over again, being lied to and I only have had a Verizon customer less than a month, and I am   locked into this company now for 2 years.    I am hoping they will get enough responses from the current Bios customer base , who are dedicated to Exercise TV to get it replaced !!!

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Again not Verizon's doing.  Exercise TV closed its doors.


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I also just discovered Exercise TV is no longer there and am NOT happy about this.  I love Exercise TV.  Was a notice sent out?  Will it be made available again?  I demand my Exercise TV!  (MTV I don't care about unless it returns to videos only)

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You can find exercisies on Fios.  It is in the "Mag Rack" of On Demand.  There are some new types of exercises, as well as some they had before.  I am disappointed they did away with the Leslie Sansone walking videos.  I wish Verizon would notify us of these type of changes!

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The on demand channels of this type of channel was not even of one of those regularly carried channels, just available over the internet.  They don't really advertise them as available, you essentially just have to find those Verizon carry.


In this case Exercise TV essentially shutdown its service and that was that.

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I was disappointed too..I did some digging, it looks like ExerciseTV were the ones that shut down, not Verizon. You can read up on it here :

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I just noticed it tonight.  I just got fios TV a few months ago and I am increasingly disapointed. One of the things I did like was the exercise videos on demand. I went to use my favorite one tonight and it was gone.   I can find it on Youtube for FREE, but have to pay Verizon to get NOTHING. 


The VOD is really poor.  I have better luck with HULU which is free and doesn't require a 2 year contract.


I doubt if anyone at Verizon if monitors these forums, so I have no idea how to get their attention.

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Yes, there are some similar exercises to Fit TV on FiOs, here's how to find them...they are "buried" way inside On Demand!!  Press On Demand then scroll down to Browse All, then Free, scroll down to Health & Home, then over to Mag Rack and FINALLY, Fitness and Yoga.   There are some abs workouts, dance, yoga, bootcamp, etc...not the selection from before, but it's something!!

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I am very disappointed that Exercise TV is no longer available On Demand.  Are there any other exercise programs that will be available in the channel line-ups in the near future,such as Fit TV? 

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I am extremely unhappy....Verizon said that Exercise TV pulled the programme! 

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