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Extreme HD Channel Listing Confusion!?!?!?

Extreme HD Channel Listing Confusion!?!?!?

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2 weeks ago I got fios installed at my home finally.  It's overwhelming with all the channels and stuff.  2 days ago I saw a channel that looked interesting, BlackBelt TV (Channel 319).  So I try to subscribe, but no can do.  Tells me to call of go to there website.  I check the website and see that it's available under Extreme HD.  I call Verzion only for them to tell me that I need to upgrade to the Ultimate HD bundle. But wait.....I just saw the channel listed under Extreme HD which I have and now I have to upgrade? Strange?? Then I call tech support they tell me that I can just order the sports package (AWESOME!!! a possible solution)...they route my call to accouting they say ( need to upgrade to Ultimate HD).  Even thought I told them that it's listed under extreme hd channel line up, I still have to upgrade.  What the Heck? now I'm confused...2 weeks into fios and I'm already getting annoyed!  I just check the website and the channel is still listed under Extreme HD.  All I want is the sports package nothing else...

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That channel was available in Extreme until January 17 when it was moved to a new package called Ultimate. Only NY & northern NJ had access to the separate sports package but that might be gone for that area also since this new package was invented.

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Thats funny because When I called up verizon today the Support Technician said to just order the sports package!

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Apparently the website hasn't been updated yet. BlackBeltTV was part of the old sports package, which could be purchased separately from the Ultimate HD package.


On January 17, Verizon bundled the sports package with Showtime, TMC, and RedZone (a few others too) to create the "Ultimate HD" package.


So, no, BlackBeltTV was never available under Extreme HD; not unless you purchased the extra sports package. Now, it's available under Ultimate HD.

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Blackbelt TV was part of Extreme HD for everyone but New York & parts of New Jersey

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