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FIOS TV is REMOVING TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network)

FIOS TV is REMOVING TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network)

Contributor billythechemist
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Time to stop guessing, so I will do some research myself. In the meantime FIOS TV has to fix the mess on HD ch.795 in which the menu of shows does not match the shows.

> Who is "the Provider?" TBN, Verizon or some other mysterious provider? I'll try to find out.

>Why was TBN (TBN.org) removed from the HD FIOS lineup? (and replaced with this other content. I don't want to critisize it so check it out yourself and see.)

-My guess is the "Network" is TBN and the "Provider" is Verizon. And the decision to remove TBN HD is Verizon's decision. I'll call TBN to start......

Contributor billythechemist
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Registered: ‎02-25-2018
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So it is the "provider's" decision. If it's true that is very helpful.

I should have said "but only helpful if the "provider" is someone other than Verizon." Until we know for a fact "Who is the provider" And "did they cancel TBN HD" then there is no Solution here. And it could even get more complicated.

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Platinum Contributor III
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When Verizon puts out info saying provider decision, they mean the content provider.

Will be itnersted to see what info you get from TBN if they decided to pull their HD feed keeping the SD feed.

And for those who want to know how to easily watch the SD feed, enter channel 296. As it does not exist, it will go down to the first active channel which happens to be 295.

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Contributor idiot_wind
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I started my research on this when the original notice showed up on my STB.  Here are my findings.

  • http://www.olympusat.com/ “owns” TBN and other networks like Daystar
  • Olympusat chooses what to broadcast on the on the frequency’s, from what I understand Olympusat broadcasts whichever station they want which they “own”, this was not a VZ decision.
  • The guide is screwed up and needs to be fixed immediately, going to call VZ after this message
  • Other channels may show the programs that you are interested in but with the guide screwed up so the DVR will record the incorrect program.
  • As far as the STB switch to HD when you select the SD channel got on STB to Menu-Setting-System-Television-Auto Tune and correct your issue. Yes, if TBN was not in the Guide and LoveWorld was this issue would not exist.
  • Net neutrality –oh no, not the reason.     

I believe that no one (or company) should be blamed for something that is out of their hands, I am a FiOS customer for 10+ years, and for the most part happy but I do have issues with them, but “listening” to folks accuse them for something that is kind of out of their control is just not right.  If you set your TV to auto tune to HD then take some responsibility.

Contributor idiot_wind
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Registered: ‎03-11-2015
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Olympusat is responsable to update the guide, I sent them an email requesting that they do this.

Contributor billythechemist
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The final word from TBN is that TBN is IN NEGOTIATIONS with Verizon. And TBN most certainly wants to have FULL HD TBN back on Verizon. So "TBN and Verizon" are in negotiations directly with each other. Sounds like Verizon wants more money because LovewordUSA paid to push out TBN. (Inside Scoop)


To view SD TBN channel 295...1) make sure that in Settings (not hard to find, only buried about 2 levels) "Autotune to HD Channels" or something with close name is turned OFF. 2) Use the blue Options button on your remote and change the setting from HD Channels to either "Subscribed Channels" or "All Channels." (It WILL take LONGER for the menu to come up as it has to list out more channels than, for example, HD channels before the menu displays on your TV. (A menu can not be shown until the software or firmware lists out all the channels and content of each, only after will the process of displaying the menu start.) 

Some other details: If you set up a schedule to record awesome stuff like Pastor Robert Morris on TBN, now 295 SD, make sure you (in Record with Options) select "All" for types of channels instead of HD (in the Record w/Options...after pressing the red round button for the second time.) Now record options will record both SD and HD (really full HD) broadcasts. You should also set up your default "Record w/Options" settings within the DVR selections. What I mean is that in the menu below "Display Recordings"(?) at top of VCR selections, go down and one of the lines will be setting up exactly what will come up first, or as the default, whenever you select Record w/Options. It is easier to set it up in the default so when you do engage in pushing the record red button a second time then most all the settings are where you wish them to be and you will not have to change as many or any of the Options when you record. Like "Keep All shows or Keep only 1 show."

Lastly you can set up a Favorites1 or Favorites2 instead of selecting Subscribed or HD channels or All Channels for the menu you display. You could put only your Jesus Channels in Favorites1, HD and SD and that is easier. Anyone smart enough to be concerned about eternity can go from here with their own creativity.

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