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FIOS lacks ON DEMAND for TIVO users

FIOS lacks ON DEMAND for TIVO users

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That's great, but don't you think the installer would mention that because you have cable cards you won't be able to get on demand. they just want you to rent the cable boxes. It's all about the money.

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I know this thread ha sbeen going on for a while. But I wanted to chime in.Anyone saying that the On Demand won't work for TIVO due to limitation in the cable card are kind of wrong.


Before i switched to FIOS from Comcast i was able to get on demand through my TIVO. If FIOS wanted to add the ability to TIVO users they could they juct need to work with TIVO.


Personally i think they are missing an opportunity to further crsh Comcast by not getitng this to work. If they did maybe they could get more TIVO user to switch over.

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I just posted this as well but wanted it to be seen in the solution post also.


Before i switched to FIOS form Comcast I was able to get all of the on demand content from Comcast.


So the issue is not fully due to the cable cards. If FIOS worked with TIVO the could add the functionality in.

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It is a function of the cable card.

Verizon (like Comcast) delivers linear channels via QAM. Cable cards work with those fine.

But the way Verizon delivers VOD (via IP) is incompatible with cable cards.

So about the only way for TIVO to support VOD, there would ahve to be an app to support it.

My guess is that Verizon and TIVo don't see enough demand to make it financially viable to do this.

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My solution will be to drop FiOS after my contract is up and use a service that supports On Demand unless they wise up.  

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