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Fios TV and Philly Sports

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Fios TV and Philly Sports

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I can get a much better deal through Verizon as opposed to Comcast and I'd love to make the switch but I've heard that in the Philadelphia area that Verizon does not show all of the Phillies games.  This I could not care less about but my husband does not share my sentiments.  We heard that we would still get Comcast Sports Net w/ Verizon but in the case that the Sixers or Flyers make it to the playoffs, we would not get the Phillies games.  Can anyone tell me how many Phillies games per year Verizon does not broadcast?
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Re: Fios TV and Philly Sports

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No exact number. Maybe 6 or 5 in the start of the season. The games are moved over to CN8 which is CURRENTLY exclusive to comcast and has always been a "roll-over" channel for Philly Sports.


Being a Phillies Fan myself, I want to see every phillies game every night...but these missed games are not enough to make me go back to comcast (due to the overall better picture quality, etc other personal reasons).


We have both Comcast Sportsnet in SD and HD, aswell as WPHL17 in SD and HD.


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Re: Fios TV and Philly Sports

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The only time you won't get the Phillies games is when they are shown on CN-8 which Comcast does not provide to Verizon.  This usually only happens for a few games (as you stated) when there is Flyers or Sixers playoff game overlap.  Comcast Sportsnet is exactly the same on Verizon as Comcast (with the exception of the commercials Smiley Wink ).
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Re: Fios TV and Philly Sports

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I live in Sadsbury Township, PA  (zip code 19320) and don't get CSN Philly. According to this site it's not even listed as an available channel in my township. The other surrounding townships have it, but not mine. It is listed on my guide but says I need to order when I go to that channel. Why does the surrounding townships get this free, but I don't. Can I buy this channel, and for how much more a month?
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Re: Fios TV and Philly Sports

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You should have this channel. Send a Private Message to CharlesH on this site and he can look into it for you. 

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Re: Fios TV and Philly Sports

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I feel your pain and hope that CharlesH can help you get those Philly sports broadcasts.  Up here in central NJ - zip code 08536 (Princeton area) - I am 43.75 miles from home plate at Citizens Bank Park according to Google Earth - just a shade more than the 38.78 miles your police department's headquarters in Sadsbury Township, PA is from the ball park.  But those extra 4.97 miles are what is keeping me from the Phillies, Eagles and Flyers.  And with football about to start this is starting to look like an ugly fall for me.  The crazy thing is Comcast delivers those Philly channels righ here on my street and if I still had an old fasion over the air antenna on my roof I could tune in to the games that way, too.


Verizon, please, why is a brand new 21st century product like FIOS unable to keep up with last century's copper wire and roof antennas?


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