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Fios Xbox 360 app

Contributor Dirtyd
Posts: 2
Registered: ‎02-04-2012
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I have the triple play pack and my Xbox Verizon app says I don't have it. I have called many times and no one knows what's going on????? How do I get this app to work?
Employee Emeritus Employee Emeritus
Employee Emeritus
Posts: 10
Registered: ‎12-30-2010
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Hello Dirtyd,


Do you meet all of the requirements for Fios TV on Xbox?


  1. FiOS TV service
  2. FiOS Data service
  3. An XBOX 360 connected (wired/wirelessly) to the FiOS provided router
  4. XBOX 360 LIVE Gold subscription (provided through Microsoft via the XBOX console)





Contributor Dirtyd
Posts: 2
Registered: ‎02-04-2012
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Yes I have tv, 35/35 Internet and phone. I also have xbox live gold and it is wired into the fios router. I was sent out a second router and that did not work either. Everything else works great except for the app. Thank you
Contributor Danitor
Posts: 1
Registered: ‎06-10-2012
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I am experiencing the same issue. 

I have both FiOS Cable and Internet. I also have an active Xbox Live Gold membership.


My Xbox is conected wirelessly to the provided Verizon FiOS router yet when I try to use the FiOS App on the Xbox the system keeps telling me that I do not have a current subscription to those services.




Contributor tacos_and_pizza
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Registered: ‎06-23-2012
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I can't help with a solution, but I just wanted to say I'm having the same issue. Error message says I don't have Version/FIOS  TV or internet service (Triple Play bundle) when I do. XBOX works great with all the other apps... Very frustrating. 


I called Verizon / FIOS Tech support today and spoke to two different Rep's and neither could help nor did they really want to help me out which is sad on Verizon's part.... They both read from a script and stated it's not Verizon's problem, but the writer of the app. Both wanted to pass me along to their "Expert Care" group which you have to pay for. I declined.

Contributor pointlesspoppy
Posts: 1
Registered: ‎01-02-2013
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I am also having the same issue an i have the triple pack and the best tv package. I used to get them all before the update but now some channels will work, some wont work an other times then the message will just pop up. Very frustrating and Verizon needs to be made fully aware an put out a patch soon.

Contributor haystax
Posts: 1
Registered: ‎01-05-2013
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Did anyone figure out how to make the app work?  I have the same issue: XBOX Live Gold account, FiOS Triple Play, XBOX connected wirelessly and the app says I need to subscribe to FiOS TV and Internet.  Very frustrating.

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