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Fox News HD & others...

Fox News HD & others...

Contributor Koothena
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Registered: ‎10-11-2008
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Does anyone know when Fox News HD and the other new "Coming Soon" HD channels will be available?  My printed guide says that Fox News HD (and its business channel) or both available, but the online version says "Coming Soon".  Thanks!



Bronze Contributor I
Bronze Contributor I
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It's my understanding from reading some other boards that these channels may actually be part of the new "Extreme HD" package that will cost you about 10 bucks a month more to get.  In North Texas, they still aren't active yet.  When they do become active, we might see them for a month for "free" before they go away and become part of the new package.  That's the way it worked elsewhere if I understand correctly.
Gold Contributor IV
Gold Contributor IV
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The Fox News HD is going to be apart of the Extreme HD package  as well as other channels. Texas Customers will see it late this month or Mid of November.  Other Markets have had 3-7 days to check out these channels for free before having to order the service. 

Copper Contributor zachyzissou
Copper Contributor
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Why is it that CNN does not come at the extra expense? They are both news stations (arguable yes) but being a fan of Fox and FoxBiz it was a little bit upsetting having to pay the extra $$ for more channels for which i'll only utilize two.
Bronze Contributor II
Bronze Contributor II
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I believe when your current contract is up you will have to get the Extreme package to keep CNN HD.  The other package is the essentials HD and that only has the local HDs from what I could piece together online.
Copper Contributor MacMDB
Copper Contributor
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is there a list of roll out dates for this new extream HD...i'm in Richmond, VA and have not heard too much about it.
Contributor Mo
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Looking at the guide that was sent out it says that Fox News HD and some of the other channels that are not showing up yet are part of the regular HD package not the Extreme HD. They told me that these channels would be up in a week and so far nothing. What is the story, who is correct? Why would a news channel be Extreme and not the other, makes no sense. 
Gold Contributor IV
Gold Contributor IV
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Channel Lineup


That is for MURRIETA, CA please rotate between the 2 essentials and Extreme and you will see the difference...now I didn't receive my correct channel lineup until last friday and it had been out for 2 weeks or so here in TX

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