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Fox Soccer in HD

Copper Contributor Tideman
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Being reported that Direct TV should have FSC HD by 8/11 and GOL TV HD by 8/4. Also that they are hoping to have FS+ in HD as well.


All we get are vague non-committal comments from the FiOS Twitter guy who gets excited discussing widgets.

Copper Contributor Ian81
Copper Contributor
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Would really love an update from someone at FiOS, Direct TV have all but confirmed they will be getting GOL TV HD, FSC HD and FSC+ HD, whereas there has been no announcement from FiOS. When Direct TV adds these channels, they will pretty much be the only large carrier who will not carry. COX in my area carry it and I am seriously considering switching over before the start of the new season unless there is some official announcment soon. It's really ridiculous given they add HD channels that no one has requested, but will not add ones that a large number are requesting.

Contributor witter19
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Wait... I think Nat Geo WILD and Investigative Discovery HD are more popular than FSC HD, lol.  What a joke.

Copper Contributor wes0727
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Well, it's done.  I cancelled Fios TV, and just kept the Fios Internet and my cell-phone.  Direct TV is coming Sat. morning to install services, and yes FSC HD, Gol TV HD will be available before the start of the new season!!!!   Not only that but I also get ESPN 3D and finally put that new TV to some use. {word filter avoidance}

Contributor dcherry
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I just wanted to re-iterate that I'd like FSC in HD.  


I'm seriously considering making a switch just for this reason.

Copper Contributor wes0727
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I recommend everyone to just go ahead and switch... I was hesitant at first because I love the Fios Internet, but I just kept that and my cellphone service and switched to Direct TV.  It's a joke that it is the start of a new season and they haven't managed to at least tell us the status of this channel while other carriers are working on GOL TV HD already!!!!

Contributor moshea
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Agree there. I asked and the internet is what I like as well. I currently pay 165 (180 when PL starts and I get fox soccer plus) and I called and asked and they said i could keep phone and internet for 79. That's 100 on tv (including devices). Went to Direct TV and for that same $100 I get way more prem content as well as Fox soccer and plus in HD along with NFL package and better equipment. Sorry but it's about time to move on unless something changes before the PL season starts........

Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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I'm on a contract\agreement so I'd rather not switch providers but I may jump if I wake up on the morning of 8/14 and only have EPL in SD. All I can say\suggest is let's keep politely demanding that the channel be added. I've started tweeting to @FiOSTV (I'm @lolhoss) and the gent handling it has been responsive. If you have not tried this route, go for it. I made a couple of phone calls to support for other issues the last couple of days and I made sure and asked about FSCHD and suggested that it be added soon. They took 4 west coast HD feeds away and have added 2 channels so far. My math says they have room for 2 more.

Copper Contributor wes0727
Copper Contributor
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Well, we've been asking politely for the addition of this channel for months.  It's really outrageous that the whole summer went by, and the new season is about to start and they haven't even mentioned any word on FSC HD.  For the money I pay I think I deserve to have the channel by now... or at least tell us you're working on it.  Also, you can't help but get angry when other carriers are adding the channel along with counterparts such FSC + HD, and Gol TV HD.


I'm sorry, but unless you are under contract it's time to move on.  Direct TV just lunched their new satellite which will most likely mean an avalanche of HD and 3D programming... Meanwhile Verizon, due to market expansion, won't be able to invest much to broaden their bandwidth in order to add HD feeds.


I will keep Direct TV for 12 months, give it a chance, enjoy the EPL in HD along with La Liga in HD with GOLTV HD... I'll check back with Verizon once the year is up... If they have sorted themselves out, I might switch back.


For now though, August 14th can't come soon enough.  Let's go Gunners!!!!!!!!!!

Copper Contributor nlk10010
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I echo the sentiments of those above who recommend "just switching". All that will happen if you don't is you will get angrier and angrier, all the while missing the avalanche of soccer in HD coming next month.


Life's too short.


Switch, you'll get a bunch of additional national HD channels, you'll be happier and you won't have heartburn. Maybe somewhere down the road Verizon will add the channels people want, maybe they won't, and the picture on D* (or E*) won't be QUITE as good, but it will be a better overall experience. You can still keep the Internet.


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