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Funimation Canceled!

Funimation Canceled!

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I just found out that FiOS will be canceling Funimation through an Otaku group I joined on Facebook. I may not be the owner of the FiOS account I use, but I am VERY upset. When my fiancee and I first moved in together, the place we rented came with FiOS. I had this at my family's house, and I always loved it. When we moved a few years later, the new place did not have FiOS. I began to really miss Funimation since I am in love with Anime. ♥ We moved again, and I was thrilled to get FiOS back. I LOVE Funimation, and I will be VERY upset to see it go. It may not have as many watchers as other channels for a few reasons.. Funimation plays the same series for a few months before switching to something new, and Anime isn't something everyone watches compared to other animated networks like Cartoon Network or Disney for instance. ALSO Funimation will be leaving on my Birthday. I don't want this birthday present! TAKE IT BACK! I weep for the loss of my favorite part of FiOS. T.T

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Me and my wife are very disappointed!!!

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Hey verizion I JUST COST YOU A SALE. My brother was thinking of dropping cablevision for fios because he wanted the Funimation channel. I told him  what was going on and he's going to stick with cablevision now.


Leave the funimation channel alone

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Man this whole thing sucks! The whole reason I got Verizon fios was because the funimation Im not so sure if I want to keep this package anymore I can get the exact channels I want from and other cable company where I live. Its too bad I was genuinely happy having this channel, definatly going to be calling my service providers about this though who knows, maybe if by popular demand it'll come back


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without funimation i have no reason to continue subscibing to fios or using verizon phone service and i will actively encourage others to move on as well

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This came straight from the Official Funimation Channel Facebook fanpage:


"FiOS TV news update: Discussions are still going on, which is encouraging. Please continue to let Verizon FiOS know that you want us to still be offered on their service. You make a difference! #anime #FiOSTVFUNimationChannel"


Seems like our support is pushing through a bit :smileyhappy:

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I can not believe that verizon is even thinking of this. Dropping a channel that people watch so often and claiming it has "Low viewership" is RIDICULOUS. I will never recommend verizon to anyone if this happens. Smiley Mad

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everyone needs to let verizon know that funimation needs to stay! tweet them at this link!/FiOSTV 

email call and request that funimation remain on verizon!!! ANIME MATTERS! let us start a movement and keep funimation on verizon! you can find contact information under the contact us link at the bottom of the fios website. LET your voices be heard! we can change the fate of FUNimation if we all work together. 

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Keep Funimation!  Awesome Channel.  You are drastically underestimating the value of this channel to your customers.  This was a major reason I upgraded to the Extreme HD package.  If you would like to continue receiving the additional monthly revenue from me, this decision has to be reversed.

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I got an e-mail telling me that Funimation is being canceled as of 3/15.


Well Funimation is the only channel that my daughter watches and the only reason why I told Cablevision to go away.

I don't think I'll miss much when switching back to Cablevision.  I agreed with another blogger that said that " It's going to take a heck of a deal from Verizon to compete with the $69 triple play deal I go."

I don't believe that the shopping channel has more viewers than Funimation. My daughter is very disappointed.

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